Actron Vs Airtouch


We're reno+extending a home to become a two storey home. Total 5br, and 2 living areas
Aspect is NE facing

Ive have a quote for a Daikin 15.5/18kw 7 zone 1ph + Airtouch for $12650
Actron 18kw 8 zone 3ph (not sure if thats heat or cool) 8 zone for $22800

Eventually we'll get solar one day.

I'd like an aircon where i can set one room at 20 deg and close the door and go to sleep and not freeze because the temp sensor is actually on the hallway.
ie: I want heat sensors in each room and to control the temp individually in each room (within reason, not .. 35 in one and 15 in another), hence all the zones.

Also wifi control is essential (1st world problems)

Is Actron worth the extra 10k?


  • I got a Actron system + wifi control, Is Actron worth the extra 10k? I don't know too hard to call.
    But Actron is a aussie brand and their wifi app is basic and adding extra bits $$$.
    Previously I had fujitsu/ LG they all works.

    Only issue I had with all three brand was blown fuse.

    • Do Fujistu, LG have first-party support for variable opening zones, rather than OFF/On ?

      • I had them in different era, different location etc, so its hard to compare as things can be improved since then and Fujistu and LG had on and off back in the days.
        Not sure if I'm imagining things, but Actron does cool and heat bit faster. Mine was a $2k upgrade from the whatever brand I supposed to have, but I wouldn't pay $10k more.

        PS: wifi control must have in any brand , I do use it a lot.

        • Rightio

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