Ryobi Blower/Battery Run time? Normal Operation?

I bought the trusty Ryobi Blower for $199 inclusive of the battery pack and charger.

I just wanted to get some advice on whether this is normal operation of the battery.

Run time was about 22 minutes, and I also noticed that after about a minute it dropped from 4 bars to 3 bars. After which it lasted as mentioned above.

Is this normal operation for Ryobi?
I called them up and they couldn't give me a definitive answer on run time.

Also, when I put battery in charger after it died, it flashed red for 5 minutes before it commenced charging.
Is this because of hot battery?

First tool that is battery run, everything else is petrol operated so I am a newbie.

Im impressed with this blower no regrets!

Thanks guys


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    Run time was about 22 minutes,

    Bunnings says 22mins runtime:

    when I put battery in charger after it died, it flashed red for 5 minutes before it commenced charging.

    The battery most likely has a temp sensor in it and it was too warm to charge, it's really not good to charge hot batteries, it's always a good idea to let them rest for a while first, It's also not healthy to use a battery as soon as charging finishes, it's a good idea to let them rest for a while…

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      I would like to apologise.
      I actually overlooked the website. Thanks for the advice about the resting of battery, will let it cool down.


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    I have a couple of Ryobi products and the blower chews through the battery, even a 5ah battery. About 20 minutes is average though.

    I go by time used, not lights, as even my EGO lawnmower indicator light bars seem to be largely guesswork.

    • Ok thanks, yeah it felt like guesswork. Put me off seeing the bar drop so quick, but the run time it seems is still its standard:)

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    ~22mins sounds about right.

    I only check the battery after I'm done, but you can feel the first few minutes it's running on afterburners, then back to "normal" wind speed.

    re: red flash (battery too hot to charge) on charger, or you can wait for a bit to let the battery cool down. Something about heat causing lithium battery life to shorten quicker.

  • Ok great, had no idea about the hot to charge thing. Just assumed it would be ok.

  • Yup. Blower sucks the battery dry very quickly. It’s one of the most power hungry tools I’ve got. Can even feel the difference between the small and large batteries with larger batteries making it blow harder. That’s down to the larger batteries having more cells in parallel enabling more current to flow. There’s a reason the larger capacity battery is physically twice the size of the smaller, 2x the battery cells.

    Def allow you battery to cool between use and charge.

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