Can I Ask Total Tools to Hold My Purchase?

Ok bit of a weird one.

My Total Tools has a demo/display model tool kit $500 off now it's on sale at $2099 (from $2599) so basically $1000 off. I have the cash here. Do they do layby or similar as my shed is still a month or two away.

If need be I could pick it up now, but don't really feel like picking it up taking it to a storage locker then picking it up in a few months.

Needless to say $2.5k of tools is going to pain to move.

Just don't want to look like a idiot asking.

I can pay it all now but may be rich asking for pretty much free storage.

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  • Forum topic checks out…

    Ask them?

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    I'm sure you can ask them, as to the answer, I don't know.

  • …Yes you can ask them? no one is preventing you from doing so.

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    If I was the store holder, I’d probably say no. The whole idea of discounting a demo model is to get it out of the shop. This sort of store rarely have stock out the back either, it all gets unpacked an out onto shelves straight away so they may not have space to store for you.

  • I'll ask just wasn't sure if laybuys were even still a thing. Or other schemes were the norm

  • Just ask. They want to sell. They will be happy to hear from you, but if it doesn't work for them they will say no.

  • Ok bit of a weird one.


    Just don't want to look like a idiot asking.

    Too awkward to ask IRL, OzB is the validation platform.

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    Yes, you can ask them.

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    I give you permission to ask them.

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    Store them in my shed until you are ready

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    I say no

  • No one here provide a reliable answer. If you think you're going to look like an idiot for asking, you might as well ask the right people.

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    If it was click and collect you'd have 21 days to pick up purchase.

    My local TT does have laybys, not sure of the length of time though.

  • its probably already sold to a cash buyer

  • $2.5k in tools could be literally one bag. Considering no one knows what it actually is you want to purchase, not sure why you can't just buy it and keep it where you are currently? Also, asking them takes about 10 seconds and gets you an answer straight away.

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    How massive is it that you can't store it in your garage or a spare corner in your house? Park outside til you get your shed, save $500

  • It's a 41“ tool chest with tools. Not massive by any means just hate double moving stuff. Plus wifey will kill me for putting it in house downstairs.

    Add handles it's 4ft and prolly 150kg so 3-4 person lift in/out of veh.

    Old shed was removed to make way for new one it's was just a 3x3m for the Harley's it's now 4.5m X 8m so can set up some tools.

    Answer wise all I really wanted was Yea TT does laybuys or no laybuys are a thing of the past everyone now uses zip/afterpay.

    I'll go in tomorrow in a work rig pick it up and store it at my storage locker.

    Which yes will be easier than putting it at my place down stairs. Wifey gets annoyed if leave my shoes in the wrong spot.

  • ask for a bigger discount if they want to move it now or layby it. Doesn't hurt to ask.

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