Crypto: What Is in Your Bag and What Are Your Moonshot/s?

Well the description is all in the title.

Predictions welcome.

Now post.


  • invested 20 in alt

    and 40 in bitcoin

    bitocin worth 800

    alt 100

  • I prefer to invest in Top 100 coins. That said, holding a fair amount of $CRV, $SAND and $HBAR in addition to the usual top coins. Invested in a bunch of metaverse land a few months back too. Hope it pays off in the future.

  • My biggest bag is in Matic (polygon), it just bounced off its wedge and looking to reach/surpass ath. Theres a conference coming up with Matic and its development with Zkrollup. Hopefully shoots to 5 to 6 bucks then. Big christmas pressie for me. Currently researching into metaverse and games. Making small bets and hopefully 1 can 100x or 500x. The rewards are crazy in this space.

  • I only really got into crypto early this year been adding a couple 100 every week in to the portfolio on a DCA strategy

    I have spent around 3.5k on what is essentially 1 ETH which is worth around 6k at this moment - nothing special when it comes to some ppl crypto gains but it is a start for me

    Biggest Bag is and probably always well be the 3 shit coins i drop about 700 USD worth in to split between Safemoon/Bonfire/Eclipse - was hoping of the them would be the next Doge - unfortunately Shib inu turned to be the next Doge and they turn out to be scams

    Starting to accumulate VET bcuz it is a good project, has a lot going for it and i reckon it could rocket

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    What people have in their bags is nobody's business.

    Never tell strangers, family or friends what you hodl. It's for you and your family's safety.

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      It's not a zero sum game. If more people buy the coin you are invested in, the price usually goes up, so you win.

  • Chucked $30 into fluffycoin, the coin created by biaheza(YouTube). Now worth $1.5k

    • Wow!

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    Harmony One is the next big thing buy it now.

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    It's astounding how many people buy 'meme coins' hoping for it to become the next Doge/Shiba Inu without even understanding why Doge/Shiba Inu are plausible to begin with.

    • Doge/Shiba Inu are plausible to begin with.

      Hahahaha. Go on, tell us.

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    Bought (staked) CRO at 0.25cts about 2 months ago, it is now around $1.

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    For those who wants as minimal risk into crypto, I'd really recommend the SocialGood app.

    Essentially it's a cashback service like Cashrewards/Shopback, but in the form of crypto. I look at it as risk-free, if you are purchasing what you need anyway. It's 50% back on eBay at the moment. Yes it may end up less when you cash out, but it may also be higher.

    I've gotten literally 5 figures worth of USDT via shopping SocialGood and cashing out the SG coins for USDT.

    Latest post here: , and other ozbargainers have used it too.

    Feel free to DM me for more info if you like. I've used the SG app for 7 months now.

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    BTFD NOW>>>>

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  • XRP 🤞

  • if these guys can pull off what they are claiming with BSC token trading then it will be a moonshot - Lunar Defi

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