What’s Your Go to Charging Cable?

Hey OzB Fam,

I recently bought an Anker 5 Port Charger with USB-C.

I’ve been using genuine Apple Lightning Cables up until now, but would like something sturdier to use with the Anker charger.

Can you folks please recommend what your go-to charging cable is?

I’ve been tossing up the Anker, U-Green, and Baseus USB-C to lighting cables, and I’m torn.

In true OzB spirits I bought the Baseus a few days ago, but because it’s quite cheap in comparison to the other two brands, the little men in my head are telling me that surely the quality won’t be the same as the others simply because it was so much cheaper.

Please help !


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    • Legend !

      • Seriously. Been using my set of Anker cables since 2017. Home, car and on the go with Anker battery packs. Even have one for the boat radio. Bite the bullet and rest easy for years.


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          Just pulled the trigger on the exact one you linked !

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    Blitzwolf have always served me well

    • I might have gotten a bad batch or they were not genuine (do fake Blitzwolf exists?) but both my Blitzwolf lightning cables didn't last more than three months

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    I just use whatever is included with the phone.

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    It's a charging cable. How sturdy does it need to be? I would have thought if it charges your phone as expected it's fine.

    • Just don’t want to be one of those people with a melted cable.. I’ve heard Baseus are prone to that

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    Genuine Samsung…from JB Hi Fi…$2. Thanks OZB.

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      I parked in a 10 minute zone outside JB to run in and collect the cables. There was a long queue and the whole ordeal took around 15 minutes. I returned to a $70 parking fine, so my 2 cables cost me $74. FML!

      • Noooo !!

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    Blitzwolf has never let me down.

    • I've been using a Blitzwolf 5 port charger for three years, and besides the coil sound, I can't fault it

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    I only use official Apple cables.

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    I'd probably go branded (Samsung or Apple) then Anker/Blitzwolf then lastly Baseus

  • I have 5 baseus branded cables, purchased directly from china. Some of them have been quite good and reliable (I have used a 2m 100w one for 2 years, cable resistance is 0.121 ohm), however, 2 of them have become a little bit dodgy after about 2-3 months. Normally the cables have internal resistances of about 0.05 ohm to 0.3 ohm, but the dodgy cables resistance has increased to about 1 ohm. Baseus is like the cable lottery. Xiaomi cables are very good, I have 6 and only 1 has failed after 1 year due to the cc pin (usb c) inside the cable coming loose. I think that genuine apple cables are no good, because they fail often due to the bad design of the strain relief.

    • I bought the 100W Baseus cable a few days ago, and I've never used the brand before

      Thanks for the info

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    Titan Power Plus 3M 90º corner design. Had it more than a year & it's lasted far better than any other cable I've ever had.
    Kept getting retargeted on Facebook and thought "what's this cheap crappy cable…" pleasantly surprised… only complain was it took several weeks to ship..

    There's another one on Kogan called "Mcdodo" which looks almost the same, only $12..


    • Titan looks like a beast !

      I've had the McDodo and I love that it glows while it's charging

      • I initially thought it would be a good feature but the light is annoying at night so I blacked out one side with shoe repair rubber lol

        • 😂

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    My go to charging cable is which ever one is closest to me in what ever room I’m in.

    • Haha.. I love the logic

  • Cabletime are good and cheap.

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    The one that has the right plug on each end that suits my device and charger.

  • Never had any problem with charging cables being bad/poor quality, the ones that come with my phone are good enough. The cheap ones on AliExpress or eBay work fine too. Don't really mind what brand/material is used.

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