How do I find out which bank my pay id is at?

I wanted to link my pay Id with my current bank virgin money and it says that it’s already linked with a external bank.
I have never used pay id. My current bank says they can’t help me locate which bank it belongs too. The other banks I have hsbc doesn’t have pay id, the amp bank I closed before doesn’t have pay id . My old stgeorge bank is closed a few months ago so I think if it’s closed bank account and if I did have pay id , it would have closed it.
I’m so puzzled now which bank has my phone number as a pay id? What if someone is using it as a hack to steal money? If I send money to my phone number through pay id would it tell me which bank it is? What options do I have ?

What do I do now?


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  • I did ask my current bank to start a investigation to find out as it states in faq and they said they won’t do that

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      Have a search through your E-mail for "PayID" and you might find an E-mail if you set it up.

      You can't really expect a Bank to launch an Investigation unless you are sure you had PayID with them.

      Otherwise ask:

    • Call again and if you get the same lame response, request to be make a formal complaint.

      This happens increasingly often nowadays when folk get a new mobile number that has been recycled. How are you supposed to know where the last person banked? And even if you did, you wouldn't be allowed to do anything about it.

      I'm a vindictive sod, so I'd be inclined to pursue the complaint as far through the system and the ombudsman as it would go…

      Alternatively, sign up with one of the majors, open a deposit account, and use their better processes to recover your mobile's payid registration.

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    If I send money to my phone number through pay id would it tell me which bank it is?

    You can go to pay it (but don't complete it), there is a verify step, that shows you the account holder name. Is it you at least?

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    You could try making a trivial payment to the PayId and see if it bounces. If it succeeds query the bank why the intended recipient, namely yourself, didn't get the payment and see if you can get them to spill the BSB and account number associated with the BSB. Paying to the Payid should at least reveal the account name at the confirmation stage. If its you, perhaps St. George created a PayId for you and didn't cancel it when you closed the account. One possibility is that your identity has been stolen. You should change your e-mail password and scan your PC for malware and check your credit file.

  • Good idea
    The payid is my mobile number not email.
    So I sent $1 to my pay id phone number and yes it ask if it was my name and yep it was . Then when I clicked on confirm payment it wouldn’t go through. This is what it say’s “ Pls check the payment details with the payee account holder”

    So what do I need to do now?

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      Call St George

    • Does it give you an error with a BSB? at least that BSB will tell you which bank its with

  • Worth checking with the bank you tried to make the payment with. Some times the CSRs can be helpful.

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    doesn't it tell you the name & bank account details when you try to send money to yourself?

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    So i rang stgoerge and yes the idiot have my pay id open even though the accounts are closed. So silly ! They said i have to request for it to be closed. It should be common sense if the account is closed then pay id should be closed. Anyway problem solved. Thanks all and john kimble too!

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    Yep, idiotic. But why did they set up the PayId in the first place if you didn't ask? At least they were able to talk to you even though you no longer have an account ;-). Thanks for the update.

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