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HPM 1.2m LED Batten $47 Delivered @ Eeet5p eBay


HPM Vega LED Batten Light
The efficiency of the powerful 4000 lumen light which produces 100lm/W makes the Vega ideal for halls, corridors, offices, shopping centres and garages.

* Colour: White
* Lumens: 4000lm
* Index (CRI): 80+
* Supply voltage: 230-240V
* Beam angle: 118°
* Power input: 40W
* Light colour: Cool White
* Average lamp life: 30,000hrs
* Globe Included: Yes
* Efficacy: 100lm/W
* Diameter: Ø352mm
* Protrusion: 90mm
* IP Rating: IP40

RRP: $295.00
Don't pay $162 at bunnings

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    makes the Vega ideal for halls, corridors, offices, shopping centres

    Thanks, I need a few for my shopping centres.

    • +3

      About time hate shopping in the dark

  • Thanks bought 2

  • Thanks , ordered 2 and also got 10 dollars off with ebay coupon code which popped up during checkout!

  • Is cool white same as day light white?

    • thanks its 4000k

      • That's not really cool - if anything its on the warm side

        • -1

          4000K is the Goldilocks Temp, not too hot, not too cold.

      • Only cool white available?

        • sorry they only make these led battens in 4000k, which is a neutral white, thanks

    • cool white is 4k, daylight is 5/5.5k, cool daylight is 6.5k

  • Are these hard wired, requiring an electrician, or do they have a plug?

    • Looks like it based on pics

  • eBay plus members get an additional 5% (ie another $2.35) off using PLUSDEC5 at checkout.

  • +1

    Fyi Victoria has a scheme where businesses can have led lighting installed for free.

  • Interesting…

    Has anyone bought from the previous deal? Any feedback?

    • Not as bright as I'd hoped, to illuminate a 5mx3m garage. It's passable, but recommended to light up a workbench.

      I just wired mine to a plug to test, but might just use it that way, so I can move it about

  • DON"T ….my refund from Paypal currently in progress.

    You will receive a full refund
    Unfortunately, we didn't receive valid tracking information from the seller. We're sorry you had a problem with your purchase.
    The refund includes the purchase price plus original postage.
    A refund of AU $29.00 will be credited to your original payment method. It may take 3 to 5 business days for the refund to be completed.

    • Willing to take the risk if I can get refunded should something go wrong.

      I've been wanting some for my garage to replace flourescent tubes

  • Bought one for my garage. Was gonna do downlights throughout but cbf. Now this can replace the batten holder. Easy peasy.

    Thanks OP.

  • Hi Rep, Any specials on exterior/weatherproof 1.2m LED Battens?

  • Hey rep,

    Are these legit Australian standard approved lights or some foreign import? Please share any evidence if your answer is yes.

    Be careful people. I'm feeling something odd here.

    • please refer to photo number 2, 7 & 8

      photo no.2: indicate its same stock as you see in bunnings
      photo no 7: showing the outer packaging label with relevant approval code.
      photo no 8: showing the C-tick approval code.

      at the end of the day, its a HPM product, i am pretty sure people are aware that this is a product supplied and manufactuered by a worldknown brand. its trustworthy.

      • Thanks.

  • It says average lamp life is 30,000 hrs. Hence if used one hour per night, that equates to about 80 years, so I wouldn't need to change it in my lifetime. Are such figures legit, or BS?

    • +1

      It's usually the lifespan of LEDs

  • Hi Rep, Any chance you could answer my question above, please?

    • we only have the waterproof batten in 0.6m sorry.

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