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[PC] Far Cry 6 $49 + Shipping / Pickup @ JB Hi-Fi


I love the Far Cry series - It's predicable and follows the same general game play as the others in the series. But hey, when i get home from work and the kids are in bed, I just need to go for a drive in a country that is in despair, kill some bad guys and overthrow a government - very relaxing.

Love the series, hate the series I have always found them enjoyable and I am happy at this price on PC. Wait for maybe another 3-6 months and it will probably come down in price another $10-15 probably

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  • Good deal.

    For anyone who wants to try the game as well really cheap you can get it on the Ubisoft Game pass thing.

    What do people think of the new one ?

  • Nice and cheap. Personally I preferred FC5 to FC6 but it's still good fun in that genre.

    I also have an unused code for PC FC6 unused as I got it free with the SSD I purchased for my PS5, would have been nice to get a multi platform code but no….

    • +1

      I will gladly accept your kind FC6 code donation :-)

      • Hah I'm sure.. After posting I went googling how to setup some kind of free online raffle thing to do something like that..

      • Enjoy :)

        • +1

          TezzaGippy is officially the greatest ozbargain member. Everyone else hand in your badges. The competition is over. We have a new leader!

          Thanks so much again!

  • +1

    Good deal, but I can personally still hold off for cheaper

  • +1

    Finished it . Took about 40+ hours
    Still playing wondering around doing the insurgent missions

    • the first of the DLC's was great. Check that out if your bored and dont mind paying 22.95

      • Yep saving that for Xmas holidays

  • -2

    These games turned bad after 3 when they adopted the call of duty reskin every year model.

    • I can't say I agree as it doesn't feel like such a cash grab like cod.

      It's been 3.5 years between the release of FC5 and FC6, that doesn't seem too bad to me.

      • +1

        i dont think its a cash grab either, I just think with the pandemic and everything, a bit of quality control was missed. the re-spawning of the enemies right in front of you, and your side kick (s) where just not up to the task in 6. IMO.

        • Yeah for sure.. I think that's why I preferred FC5 in comparison. Still, cheap its not bad and I don't regret buying (I waited for discount, not release retail prices)

          • +1

            @TezzaGippy: yeah not sure why 5 got a lot of hate, its actually one if not my fav FC, it was stupid fun.

            • +1

              @Topdog: My son and I both enjoyed playing through FC5, i didn't listen or care for the rabbles opinion either :D Equally on my list as a fave as a fun game and playthrough.

        • Have you not got the leopard he takes out 3 enemies at once

          • @Regie69: Yeah I just think they are buggy and don't really use em

  • +5

    Plenty of people selling codes for this (from the Samsung promo) in the OzB classifieds for $25. Save yourself $25 and get free electronic delivery too.

    • Nice, I will look at doing that as I was heading in this afternoon to buy it

      • +1

        Yeah I just sold mine to another OzB user and they're installing it as we speak.

        • +1

          Thanks again for the suggestion - bought for $25 and now currently installing the game

          • @tnarg: Hey how did you go about finding someone that was selling a copy for that price? New to this :D

            • +1

              @Black Bean: I just jumped on the classified section in Ozbargin. There were multiple people selling, i just pm'd a couple and the first person that came back to me I paid.
              They send through a code the via the pm here and i redeemed here: https://redeem.ubisoft.com/far-cry-6/

              If you haven't played any of the Farcry's before or from that platform you will need to install Uplay

  • +3

    loved all the far crys, then this one came out! it was farcry, yes, but i just cant say i loved it. :(

    • +1

      loved all the far crys

      Even Far Cry Vengeance for the Wii?

      • +1

        Ok maybe that's one I've missed. No comment lol.

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