Hacked by Deliveroo UK

Just got an email from them saying thai foods on its way to Colchester UK.
Logged into my account that I don't remember joining had to reset password to get in. Then credit card used isn't mine. Luckily I haven't been skimmed.
Why would anyone want to do this?
Their phone number and address is all in the account settings I could use that card to have food sent here if I thought it wasn't a scam

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    Maybe they used the wrong email by mistake?

  • Your email has been compromised and bots log into every account and sold to other people

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    It could be an innocent typo in the email address that they entered when they registered.

    Many websites do the whole "well send you an email, click on the link in the mail to verify it's you" dance to catch this sort of mistake. It's weird that Deliveroo UK doesn't.

    You've done the right thing… You've reset the password - if there's an option to close the account, go for it - otherwise unsubscribe from any marketing emails if you can and forget about it.

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    yes, maybe some incorrect details, I thought i was scammed cause i kept getting messages my telstra bill had been paid, turns out someone just had my number set up in their account and was off a number. Or bots, but if you diddnt have an account, its more then likley similar email. do you have an email that could be easily misinterpreted. like [email protected], someone elses might be [email protected]. and as another said. its tottaly not the norm to not confirm emails these days, I mean far out trying to sign into ubereats on a new phone is always a sms and email confirm

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    Why would anyone want to do this

    They were hungry?

    • And who doesn't like Thai food?

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        People with peanut allergies

      • me

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    you probably shouldn't go around accessing other people's accounts

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    I’m guessing they’ve typed their email wrong and it happened to match yours.

  • I'm going to go with "verified by phone" and email typo.
    I'll give Diliveroo UK some credit as only the last 4 digits of the card are shown and no other identifying information other than the delivery address is shown.
    If you where hacked it could only be by theft in the same country and the thief would have to order to a carpark or something to hide their address.

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