Black Friday - Amazon Order Non Fulfilment

During Black Friday, I purchased Phillips Air Purifier. Which I thought was pretty decent deal. This deal was not a random one but well advertised with 41% off their normal price.

Now checking the status, seems they aren’t fulfilling and would issue refund.

During normal days, I would have been fine. However what concerns me that this now has led me to have missed BF opportunities. If they had done this during Black Friday days, maybe I would have purchased something else from somewhere else.

Not to mention the gift cards purchased for this deal.

Or could this be delivery issue? If that’s the case, they shouldn’t be accepting new orders for same product? But they are taking orders. 🤔

Has anyone else had their order cancelled? Isn’t this concerning? The time opportunities missed? How could they have just accepted orders without having known the orders/quantities?

As suggested by members here (thanks guys), I had chat with Amazon this morning and they have ordered replacement unit for me. Stating they could see that ‘Order Replacement’ option as a solution to problem like this.
So any issues like this, head straight to chat for speedy resolution. In my case, they stood true to their reputation.

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      New orders are allowed so doesn’t look like stock issue.

      So Maybe allow the customers to order that same stuffs at the same price. As they had advertised. Sure BF isn’t for entire year?

      Ahh, classic? What have you done here, apart from whinging?

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        Oh burn lol

  • Isn’t this concerning?

    No… it happens.

    • Yeah, kinda I get it. Amazon is good in many other ways. Just that BF deals are missed which I would have got from other sellers had I have this information earlier.

      But understand this could be delivery issue as well. So get it. But new orders at full price are ready for delivery … so confused 🤔.

      • Suppliers do deals with stores …
        Buy X amount we will sell at Y price this week only… then back to normal price…

        same way it works for consumers.

  • Well I get you op. Sucks but what can you do.

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    Once you get refund, try to see if Amazon still sell the item, then chat with agent to see if can get coupon for the pricing difference.

    • Yeah good one. Would go for it. Thanks. Cheers.

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    A good whinge on Amazon chat will be more productive than here. Voucher or may resolve.

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    Considering it has a shipping company (Couriers Please), doesn't that indicate they dispatched it but delivery had issues?

    Was there progress in the order status where it actually left amazon (as would be strange to have a courier company listed if it wasnt shipped).

    • The original delivery date was supposed to be 14th Dec. However I had the notification on Thursday that the item has been ‘Dispatched’. Then no notification at all from Amazon.
      And, I would have known via cctv if any delivery attempt was made. Can confirm there was no attempt to deliver.

      Here’s the updates from Amazon anyway. :

      Friday, 3 December
      5:00 PM
      Package is undeliverable and is returning to the sender. A refund will be issued once the return is processed.
      Melbourne, AU

      Thursday, 2 December
      Carrier picked up the package.

      • Can you call Amazon and tell them you don't want a refund and would prefer that they send out another instead? If you speak to a human they might be able to make it happen.

      • Happened to me recently as the package was damaged during shipment, returned to Amazon and I was refunded. Amazon gave me a gift card via online chat to make up the difference to repurchase the item at the original price.

  • Was this sold AND delivered by Amazon?

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    Sorry to hear about you order. It sucks when you take the time to find a good deal and that happens. I had a similar experience with Myer. On Black Friday I found a number of items in stock in their store. To save lugging them around whilst shopping, I ordered them there and then online through their ebay store. The items were a new listing, all with more than 10 available. They were sale prices which stacked with bonus or upsized cashback.

    The next day I had emails stating that all my orders had been refunded due to insufficient stock by seller. However, Myer had re-listed the item straight away with 'more than 10 available' again. Only difference, they were all back to regular price and no more upsized cashback. To me this suggests they were in stock all along and they didn't want to honour it which is a shame when retailers do that.

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    I had the exact same undeliverable message for a few different items, mainly poor packaging from amazon uk.
    The tracking has it posted and then returning to amazon.
    What it means is unfortunately it’s been damaged in transit.
    If you chat with amazon you can get your refund straight away rather then waiting who knows how long for it to be returned and processed.

    Push for it to be resent or a credit for the difference in price, I’ve only had success from 1 in 4.

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    Get on the live chat with Amazon and tell them your problem. They will probably put an order through for you at the same price as you paid. I have always had very good service from this method.

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      Thanks Mate. Yes I did have chat this morning and they have ordered replacement unit for me as there’s stock and he could see an option to order replacement unit. I really did not anticipate they would do this then and there itself 👍

      This is my first time ever having chat with them and I do understand they have helped me promptly.

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    Couriers Please. Say no more. You wouldn't be the first that randomly had undeliverable items via them for no apparent reason.
    However, looks pretty clear from your screenshot that it was a delivery issue, not a fulfilment issue.
    Glad you got it sorted now. Yes, Amazon live chat is usually the best option. Have always found them very helpful.

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