Best HDD for Desktop Use?

Looking to upgrade the HDD in my PC. I am thinking of getting 2 Seagate IronWolf 4TB drives and using it in RAID 1. Definitely want CMR and IronWolf 4TB seems to be one of the best value HDD's according to PC Part Picker.


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    Budget? Usage? Available SATA ports?

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    Define "Best". Best speed? Best reliability? Best price? Best noise? Best MTBF? Best helium vs air? Best what?

    Best would be an SSD solution, not HDD.

    • Best as in suitable for advanced users. SSD is too expensive for capacity needed.

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        advanced users

        Still ambiguous.

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          Still ambiguous.

          If you have to ask… /s

  • it seems like you answered your own question, go for ironwolf.

  • wd blacks are well regarded for performance.

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