PoE Cables for Reolink 4K System?

May I ask what network cables have you used for the install?

The original cables or better ones?

I have seen some installs where they recommend using better cables as the original Reolink cables are not that great.

Thinking of using Cat 6 solid core cables? Premade cables preferred, but I may be convinced to build them?
(Only need 4 cables 3x 20m and 1 x 40m)

A website where you got them would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks everyone!


  • Would this specification of cable be a suitable cable? Cat 6e?


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    Any standard Cat6 cable from name brand would be okay. Don’t need Cat6a.
    Edit: But Cat6a will also work.

    • Thanks OldSchoolHarry

      I will buy some of these Cat6a premade cables. Much easier than crimping my own cables and a little more future proof.

      Thanks again

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    I install these systems and just use CAT6, though 5E will also work, CAT6 should see you through to future devices that require that extra bandwidth. If you're in Melbourne I can help supply these to you premade?

    • Unfortunately I am South of Sydney

      • Good luck I hope you find someone that is generous ;)

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    8k camera?

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    PoE 802.3at minimum needs cat5 after that either digital works or doesn't work there is no in between. Like that Harvey Norman scam with monster HDMI cables years ago.
    I'd take Oldschoolharry's option would be the easiest and cheaper than making your own.

  • 100m of 23 AWG CAT6, some terminators, a crimp, a cable tester - $50

    I'd build my own, it's pretty easy. Plus, you get to make them exactly to length you need.



    unless someone gonna chime in that that cable is trash…

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      At that price there's no way that cable has solid copper conductors, it would have to be CCA, "Copper Coated Aluminium", which often causes issues with POE..

  • The cameras are only 100mbit so it's not really that important what cable you use. I got a 300m roll off ebay for $150 and ran it in the roof space

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