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[NSW] Sea Urchin Roe Tasmanian 5A Export Grade 100g Tray $41 + Delivery (Sydney Only) @ FishMe


It's purple longspine urchin season and to kick things off we are offering $5 off the price of Tasmanian sea urchin roe (uni) 100g trays exclusive discount for OzBargain members. Only $41 per tray with code TASURCHIN this weekend.

Also on special:

Live mud crabs from $23 each
Salmon sashimi 250g tray for $13.95
Tropical lobster sashimi grade 1.5kg for $105
Australian shore crabs $12.50/kg
And much more

Delivery is $12.50 weekdays or $15.50 Saturdays (Sydney only)


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  • +1

    Think this is a type of deal we need on ozb. Good luck OP

    • Thanks elitistphoenix!

  • Use this company often and highly recommend them.

    Always fresh and no problem

    • Thanks for your support Koipanda!

  • +1

    Do you mean you deliver only to Sydney? Or Syd Saturdays, everywhere else ok?

    • I think they only deliver to Sydney region.

    • Apologies for the confusion. At this stage we only deliver within Sydney and no other areas.

  • As someone who is not familiar with this food

    Why does it look like that

    • This is what fresh urchin looks like when you open the shell.

  • Can this be stacked with the $10 off by subscribing? Would love to see free shipping over $x

    • min spend for the $10 voucher is $100

    • This offer can't be stacked with other offers but it is $5 off each tray so if you are buying 3 or more trays you'll get $15 or more off the total.

  • Looks a lot better than those from Sydney fish market.

  • This place does not have a great contact centre so you might be worried the fish is missing and when you try and call them back it's Luxo living

    I do like Luxo living so nothing against them but weird to have a fish shop and a furniture shop also you are worried when fish is outside for a while.

    Also they delivered my sea Urchin earlier last time because the batch would be expired soon and then I said what if I wanted it the same day as I wanted and their response was that the sea Urchin was just a best before date so could be eaten and the next delivery was a month later.

  • What's this stuff taste like?

    • +1

      What's this stuff taste like?

      Very good but only if really fresh.

  • Curious. What do you mean by export grade?

    • -1

      The grading of sea urchin roe is mainly for overseas buyers and is based mainly on the appearance of the product after processing, e.g. colour and shape (less broken pieces means higher grade).

      • -1

        So the good stuff (better quality export graded) goes overseas normally while we’re usually sold the sub par stuff here?

  • China no longer buying them?

  • $41 for 100grams. Jesus!!!
    I see sea urchin all the time while I'm fishing.
    Was never game enough to try it.
    I might give it a go next time.

    • Just watch a YouTube video on how to open them and bring some tools with you :-)

      • You just need 2 spoons

  • Hi all,

    Thanks for all your questions and comments. I'll try to address some of them here.

    Firstly sea urchin roe is always best eaten fresh and only has a shelf life of around one week and is harvested by divers on a weekly schedule so certain days are better to receive your product and we like to suggest the best time but will always follow your instructions on when to deliver.

    Like many other seafood there are different seasons for sea urchin and the season for short spine ended in October and long spine has just started which is why there was nothing available for about a month.

    FishMe does share some resources with Luxo Living but is a separate business with its own full time staff, temperature controlled facilities, equipment and dedicated phone lines.

    This comment is getting a bit long so I'll respond to some of the other queries separately.

    • 3xbuyer of Sea Urchin Roe.

      Highly recommend it. Never had a problem. You get the same quality at a high end restaurant without the higher $$

  • Can attest to them. Ordered it last time and they were amazing. The call centre was lovely to deal with as was the delivery guy.

  • +1

    I never try this stuff. Afraid I'll like it but then can't afford it. :(

  • Poor sea urchins.. destroying the sea urchin population one jizzbubble at a time.

    • Pretty sure they are considered a pest now

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