Nike AF1 Mid 07 WB - Do They Ever Go on Sale?

Came across a pair of AF1 I really like, and I’ve never been into nike shoes before…

Simple question really do they ever go on sale? (Came across these ones after Black Friday)

So wondering if I should wait for next sale or just buy them.


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    In retail stores? Not often. I've seen the women's size go on sale in the past but never mens.

    Bought a pair before covid on Asos on sale.

    Nike are also putting some limits on the AF1 cause of supply constraints too.

    • What if when on the website it says "promo exclusion"

      • then it's excluded from % off voucher codes - like the one you get in your birthday month

  • i dont think they do

    the AF1 black white whatever has always been well saught after even before covid

    my other half has a set she refuses to wear outside…. whats the point when you can wear out a chaeper set of pumas etc

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