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OXO 1060619 Good Grips Stainless Steel Squeegee $16.26 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Was looking for a small size squeegee for the bathroom, saw this oxo comes with a suction cup as well. Also, stainless steel cheaper than plastic version.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Hate to drop that on my toe in the shower

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      Yeah especially if you're in prison and you have to bend over to pick it up

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    I like the Ikea one.

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    ….Is this how you get excess water off the bathroom bench?

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    No it’s how you get water off yourself : )

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    I've never squeegeed my shower glass, is that a thing people do? To prevent water streak marks? Someone convince me why I should start doing this I genuinely don't know

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      Easier to maintain clean glass, water doesn't leave much dry marks, any soap scum gets wiped away, glass shine remains for longer, shower dries quickly leading to less growth of any bacteria as moisture gets reduced sooner, list goes on mate.

      Less than a minute of effort at the time saves much more later on.

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        this guy squeegees

      • I used to use newspaper as it gives best results, especially on mirrors, but newspapers are becoming rare these days

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          Plenty of newspapers at my local news agent and servo

          • @Ozb101: My local servo didn't have any newspapers to buy when I tried on Tuesday. Sydney suburbia. Had to go Woolies.

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      Many people, like myself, have one as their bathroom isn't particularly well ventilated so using this to push more water down the drain helps keep the mould away.

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      Definitely. You'd be surprised how much water is on the shower walls/glass. You can almost get away with never washing them if you use this after every shower. Takes 10s once you're used to it.

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      If you have a shower with 2nd handle attachment, just turn to hot water only and rinse all walls and glass. Dries quickly and you get similar results.

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      I moved house recently and started squeegeeing the glass after I finished showering. Feels very therapeutic as well as all the things @aaruu listed.

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    Overpriced still. The Kmart ones do the job.

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      Exactly the quality I was looking for.

      • The first link or the 2nd? :D

        • The fancy one of course.
          But the tennis court one may not be large enough for my shower base.

  • Dang, looks like its back up to $25 and imported from the UK

  • Having dropped the squeegee a few times while cleaning the shower, I would avoid this one as I am sure it would chip the tiles.

  • woah man, gotta have stainless to wipe some water off the tiles might get a bit rusty otherwise.

  • Had a look into bathroom squeegees. I like OXO but was scared of stainless steel dropping in a bathroom setting.

    I also wanted something clear to match the white tiles and ended up buying https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B00JF0FNQC/ref=ppx_yo_d... when price dropped to $13.49.

    Its a sturdy squeegee and the clear body looks nice against white tiles. Comes from the US though so I had to combine with other items to reach $49 free shipping.

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