What Is Your Favourite Anime to Watch This Summer Season?

Which anime are you most excited about upcoming or that you have watched during this season?


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    Blue Period + Mushoku Tensei

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    Grew up my whole life watching anime on and off, mid 20s now.

    Every once in a while, I hop onto an anime site and pick some random anime to start watching. Not sure if it's cause I'm older now and have lost interest but it just feels like everything is more of the same. The storyline and writing are rather lack lustre..

    Wish there were more stuff like.. Psychopass, that was a good one. Does Arcane count as anime? I'm a few episodes in and it's been great.

    • Ditto Arcane, got me back into playing LoL…ARAM only. I'm too old to old for full games.

    • arcane is great but not anime. some good shows coming out and i'm sure there are plenty you have missed but picking randomly is not an ideal way to find them.

    • To me, an oldster LOL, Arcane is godawful and what is wrong with modern animation (no it's not anime at all) overpolished visuals, Teflon heroes in a by the numbers world - gave up 5 eps in without regret

      May be a comment on me and not anime but there's nothing "modern" I can recommend (thanks to others tips here, might go alookin')

      Hmm on reflection, perhaps The Dragon Dentist [great alternate world at least (2017)]., Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid (2017, yet to see S2, silly but fun), The Saga of Tanya the Evil (2017, unsure as only just started), Violet Evergarden ( A+, 2018 season 1 certainly, ongoing, brilliant alternate world). None 202X tho but "modern" to me.

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    Ousama Ranking (King's Ranking), don't be fooled by the kiddy like animation, it's deceptive like Made in the Abyss is.

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      Was about to edit my original comment..

      I also stumbled upon Ousama Ranking and its bloody great. I love the art style, it feels very nostalgic.. reminds me of my childhood.

      And man.. not gonna lie, your boy Bojji made me shed a few tears.

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    Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean and 86

  • Sailor moon

  • Goblin slayer

  • Sailor Moon

  • None

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    Waiting for the new Demon Slayer arc.

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      out tomorrow :D

  • No prizes for guessing mine.

  • I normally go through the list on MAL each season, read the synopses and make a list of what I may be interested in. I have a three-episode rule, if an anime doesn’t hold my interest after three episodes I’d drop it.
    This season I have dropped pretty much everything, some I didn’t make it past 2 episodes.
    Edit: my bad, this is last season, I haven’t checked the current season yet, waiting for most episodes to be released before I start.
    I’m sure others have valid reasons to invest in 24+ episodes series that have huge payoff in the end but my personal time circumstances don’t allow that kind of investment on something I may not enjoy.
    It’s probably a flawed system since I’ve ruled out King’s Ranking based on artwork alone, will check it out later.
    Currently watching Sonny Boy (from last season), pretty intriging and holds my interest so far.
    As a side note, just found out about the compilation movies of Penguindrum coming next year. If you like a very surreal, thematic and convulated plot that is totally a blast to watch, definitely check this relatively old series out. Still in my top 5.

    • Kings ranking was good from episode 1, no need to wait for a payoff!

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