Better Places to Shop Other than Amazon? in Terms of Price, Convenience and Delivery Time?

I’m finding it hard not to shop anywhere else but Amazon, every time I’m looking to buy something I always find that the perks, prices and delivery time on Amazon can’t be beat or the same on other sites? Is anyone else noticing this way or am I not looking hard enough when I shop?


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    Nope, there isn't a better all-in-one place. That's kinda their whole deal.

    • Onya jeffery

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      I kinda feel bad about mostly just shopping there. I wonder what I would do if Amazon just disappeared right now…

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        Same thing you did in 2017 and prior. Rely more on local stores and eBay/Catch/foreign ones etc instead.

        • Yeah, but was that time better than now?

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            but was that time better than now?

            yes, i was able to buy from Amazon JP.

            also when overseas purchases had no 10% GST.

      • Go back to having to pick if you wanted things fast or cheap or convenient.

        Taobao is Amazon on crack, but only has all three of those qualities in China.

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      Amazon seems overpriced to me for most the items I search for they are often cheaper on eBay or elsewhere. There are occasions every now and again but it's mainly when there is a sale on like the dash cams recently.

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    Even before there was amazon au, there was amazon uk and amazon usa, which were the most convenient even though it shipped from half way around the world, and was cheaper for many items by far compared to local purchases.

    One example was a Sennheiser hd650 headphones, they were $700 locally, but from amazon de you could get them for $280-$320, and of course because gst was below 1k back then you did not have to pay gst or import duty.

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    I'd only recommend where possible try and support the business who Amazon are price matching as without that business driving the price down we wouldn't receive a lot of the great prices we see.

    • This. Purchased 2 recent Xmas gifts.

      Lego the child baby Yoda thingy. $79.20 but they were price matching big W so I got it at my local big W.

      Firestick 4k max. $59 but they were price matching big W and JB hi-fi and a few others. Amazon free delivery was by December 30. I picked one up again at my local big W. It's already wrapped and ready for Christmas.

      As far as I'm concerned Bezos can get f#@$|d

      • Bezos "can get f#@$|d" but Big W who got done for $50mil worth of wage theft are saints worthy of your business?
        I'm not suggesting either is the better option, it's simply stupid to label these massive corporations as good or bad. Just buy from wherever is cheapest/ most convenient.

  • Other retailers really need to step up their game. I'll purposely order on Amazon because of delivery. Orders i've made on Rivers, Shiels and Peter Alexandra have yet to even be shipped after 3 weeks.

    • Add Under Armor to that list.

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    Harvey Norman

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    I wish there was a legitimate competitor to Amazon, and wouldn't mind paying a bit more for it; but unfortunately, no one has their range. Their predatory pricing makes me a little uneasy. Their system will automatically match local sellers' online prices to the cent, and I can't see how local businesses can compete when Bezos throws in next day free shipping with Prime.

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      "I can't see how local businesses can compete"…….."can't" or won't is the question.

      I'd hate to see a Bunnings situation develop - ie the competitor, Masters, gave up. But at the moment, for me, Amazon is always at least my initial go to…….aside from specials flagged here on Ozb from others.

      IMO Harvey No-man is a won't but the rest, I don't know.

      • IMO Harvey No-man

        no free photo print offers recently, it seems they don't want our business anymore :(

        • Just wave some notes about and Harvey will be all over you like a rash for your cash.

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        It's literally impossible for local stores to match Amazon, because their price scanner will automatically match the lowest online price, then throw in free next day shipping. Kmart, Myer, and Bunnings don't have a nationwide fleet of Flex drivers to offset their dependence on traditional carriers like Auspost. Amazon will always operate more efficiently via economies of scale, and shrug off losses that will bankrupt smaller retailers. Which is happening. Then they'll have more latitude with pricing.

        Physical stores can differentiate themselves with in-person shopping and services, but competing with Amazon in online retail? You're cooked.

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