Temple & Webster Should I Use, and How Many Gift Cards Allowed Per Purchase?

I've never used Temple & Webster before, but there is a ceramic/porcelain top dining table that I really like on there, and I can get and have discounted TCN gift cards to pay for it. I don't want to swap too many over to Temple & Webster if there is a limit to how many I can use per purchase. The purchase atm is $2200 approx. Should I purchase through them? Are there any issues using them and getting their products?

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Temple & Webster
Temple & Webster


  • I have bought some good living room furniture off then close to $1k and I am pretty happy with their quality. They charge shipping but have $20 coupon available most times that can help bring down the cost. Shipping speed is ok and possible will be slow for larger furnitures (YMMV).

  • My wife got 8 dining chairs from them. They quality was worse than Fantastic Furniture and after an email or 2 they gave us a full refund. Not sure what other furniture is like but the dining chairs were s#%t

  • Do your research, i bought a recliner from there, had alot of 5 star reviews, it was as described.

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