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adidas Performance Ultraboost 21 $119.99 (Was $269.99) + Shipping @ Foot Locker


All black ULTRABOOST 21 from foot locker
Available as of now

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Foot Locker

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    11 is OOS

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    Other colour varients available (not all discounted)

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    Click via Virgin and Qantas Estores for 4 points/$1

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    Extra 10% off instore for TheLocker members.

    • Are these prices/discounts also instore?

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        Yes, the listed prices are the same instore.

    • They stopped doing 10% off for members.

      • They still give 10% off to TheLocker members. One just needs to ask the staff.

        • would it stack tho
          with existing discounted / sale items?

        • I am a member and I asked the staff in store 2 weeks ago for 10% off Ultraboosts that were already on sale for $150 and he told me they stopped doing the 10% off before Covid. I was shocked myself, could he have been lying to me?! But lucky I didn’t buy it then because i ended up getting the pair I wanted for $94 during their Black Friday online 🙂

          • @Lionchu: did you do the secret handshake tho? you need to fist bump so he knows you are for realsy

            But the secret is…

            #the fist bump must be done with your foot since its footlocker

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    Only white with gold accents fits me. Not ready for that

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      White with gold accents is your shoe.

      • i wish, but im a size 14 :(

        what the heck, i got down voted? lol.
        its my personal preference and i didn't even bash anyone. wow. OzBargain community is amazing.

        • Wasn't me FWIW.

          All black is a bit boring for me too but doesn't matter as they didn't have my size either.

        • There is a lot of negative Nancys and Nigels on this board lately. Stating facts or opinions is fraught with trouble.

  • Only sizes 9.5 and 11 are showing in stock for me rn.

  • I had to go up a size for these compared the dna. Did anyone find that as well?

    • Yes. U need to go minimum half to a size up. It’s an absolute sock-like fit. Unless u have no intention to wear socks with the shoes

    • i thought i had to as well, but for me, it was just down to the opening being more narrow than the dnas and ub20's. cut the tongue open a bit more and it felt better. width is maybe a tiny fraction narrower than previous ultraboosts.

  • Thanks mate, grabbed a pair.

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    Thanks mate, grabbed a pair in store for $107 all up after the footlocker member’s discount!

  • Most sizes are out of stock now, next time, next time.

    • a few months ago i grabbed some ultras for 79 or 89.

      • Cool story

        • Thank you.
          If you can wait, cheaper deals will come along. I am in no rush, I have way too many shoes. 😄

    • +1

      UBs do go on sale quite often, picked up a pair of 20s around this time last year. Seen 20s and 21s on sale many times throughout the year.

  • Picked up some black - black - black UB21's today from footlocker Pitt st mall, Sydney

    Got an extra 10% for being a member, go in store if after sizes and colours not available online 👍

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