Finding a used/second hand fire extinguisher for bike tubeless installs

Does anyone on Ozbargain have tips on sourcing used or empty fire extinguishers?

I'm looking for a reasonable condition 1.5-3kg unit that can still hold pressure. I want to make a reservoir for fitting tubeless bike tires (example video here).

Our local transfer station had a couple that they offered for free, but they were seriously corroded and unlikely to hold pressure. There seem to be a couple of resellers on eBay, but they're generally pick-up only interstate (I can get to SE Melbourne or Gippsland), too large, or in lots of 5+.

I know repurposed extinguishers are sometimes used by home brewers, aquarium owners, and possibly other niches here on OzB.

My backup plan is to replace an unused extinguisher from home with a newer model next time Aldi/Bunnings/Officeworks has a sale or clearance, but that seems a bit wasteful.

Thanks in advance!


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    Why? You can buy a CO2 pump and canisters for way less space and weight, or you can buy one of those Xaiomi portable compressors for about $50, that, again, take up way less space and a lot less weight.

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    Why not a ~$30 CO2 pump that's made for that very purpose?

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    1.5kg is $30 or so brand new. Not only this, I've never had a problem with tubeless tires just using a compressor.

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    @pegaxs and @hybroid - those CO2 inflators are a completely different product that solve a completely different problem (a single-shot emergency roadside repair).

    What I'm hoping to build is a workshop tool to seat the bead of a tire with a big shock. Generally speaking you need a heavy duty workshop style air compressor (a Xiaomi won't cut it) or a pressurised reservoir like an Airshot - can be seen in action at this example video of the procedure. Carbon dioxide is usually bad for tubeless installs, as the cold shock can damage the latex and shorten its useful life - still usually OK for emergency repairs if you can get home and add some more.

    I still appreciate the time you took to chip in!

  • @brendanm - I'm expecting I'll end up with a new extinguisher, and had factored that much in. I've also generally got away with an existing pump for tubeless work, but recently had to repair a wheel that had perished sealant and needed more volume than my current setup (a reasonable track pump) could offer. I don't own an electric compressor, and given relatively infrequent use (and a desire to avoid ewaste as much as possible), think the manual options are better for me.

    I have seen the Airshot (and nearly identical options from other brands), but it's $100 and has fairly lacklustre volume and pressure rating. The 'make it yourself' isn't really about cost, and more that a 1.5kg fire extinguisher would easily outperform it on all counts.

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    facebook market place, ebay, gumtree. If that fails, post a wanted ad in your local group for one.

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    I use a graden sprayer pump which cost me $10 from Bunnings. Works every time. I've used it to seat 27.5 and 29, at 2.2 to 2.8 wide. If I recall, about 36mm wide rims.

    Forget which YouTube video I relied on, but the below is an example.

    Bunnings listing

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    Transport yards may have old ones laying around as they get cycled out of use from the trucks/trailers on expiration.

    • Good tip - thanks

  • What about a small gas bottle? I’ve got one that used to fit one of those gas lanterns. I’ve also used disposable gas bottles used for welding gas. One of those would be good for pressure, but may be more difficult to adapt a fitting to.

    Also used a 3 litre coke bottle for tubeless inflation. Check YouTube for ghetto inflators.

    Are you seating non tubeless tyres? I haven’t had any real drama seating proper tubeless tyres to tubeless rims.

    • It's a good option, and I'll keep an eye out on coming weeks. So far I've only installed proper tubeless tires on tubeless rims and usually managed with a track pump and brute strength, but figure if I'm putting a tool together I should over-spec it for worst case scenario (helping friends on a mtb or fat bike, pulling my old 'tubeless ready' road rims off the shelf, etc).

      • That’s fair enough. Start with the coke bottle and work up when you find a second hand compressed gas tank.

        That said for not too many $ you could get a small compressor with tank all ready to go. They are noisy though.

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