Identical Sofa Bed?

Hey all!

Been looking at some small sofa bed that would fit into my apartment (it's a one bedder so the sofa has to be smaller otherwise would have went with the Ikea Friheten).

I'm currently looking at this paticular sofa bed from Temple & Webster since it fits what I'm looking at (ie: small in size, good for an overnight guest or me to sleep on when the family visits etc). The reviews and photos from T&W also seemed good so I'm pretty tempted to pull the trigger.

But I've also found this one at mydeals that's $150 cheaper. The name's different on it but judging by the style and even the dimension, they seem to all match up, including colours, the legs as well as the indent on the legs..

So my question to the collective wisdom of ozb is that, is it the same sofa I'm looking at but with a $150 different or am I just looking too much into it?

That said, if anyone have any suggestions, do let me know!


  • It looks like its made from different materials.
    Aside from that, looks the same to me.

  • They're probably the same, Temple & Webster sells a lot of stuff that you can find somewhere else at lower prices, e.g. look for "Issy mirror" on both sites.

  • It probably comes from the same factory and sold by lots of companies around the world.
    Don’t forget to factor in the shipping.

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