Cancel eBay Plus and Still Have Returns on past Purchases?

Hi all

My eBay plus is about to expire and was thinking to cancel it

But does anyone know as I can't find in their T&C's what happens to products I have just purchased with eBay plus free 30 day returns if I have to return it after I cancelled my membership?

Also has anyone been given any deals if they try to cancel like a gift card for not cancelling? :)


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  • They offer you $40 gift card if you don’t cancel from memory. Once your eBay plus membership finishes you are no longer a member and you are no longer entitle to free shipping. If you purchased via PayPal it’s free return anyway.

    • Thanks if you don't cancel meaning I should let it auto renew and I'll get something?

      Or should I go to cancel and it will ask me before I say yes if I want to stay then I'll get the gift card?

      Yeah I know I will no longer get the free shipping but I'm more worried about things I did buy when I was an active member are they still eligible for free returns since they were bought when I was still an eBay plus member?


      • +1

        When you go to cancel thats when they usually put up an offer to you not to cancel

        • Thanks will try

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