Kmart Double up Basketball System & Table Tennis Table

Anyone have or recommend this Indoor dual arcade like basketball system?

Or recommend one like it?

Also, the table tennis table at kmart -

Any good?


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  • Well what do you mean by good? Good value? Good build quality? Good fun?

    Certainly is quite cheap, doesn't necessarily look like it's going to break after an hour of use. Same with the ping pong table, neither really will sustain major damage unless you're abusing it quite heavily.

    • Good quality

      I think the Table Tennis Table is decent but the Basketball system I’m unsure on for $100

      • yeah looking at the basketball set up it looks like it's gonna break! no chance of surviving long

        • Yer I might skip this one then and Dave the $100 unless someone with personal experience can tell me otherwise

          Thanks buddy for your input

  • Table tennis table might be ok. Pretty hard to stuff up a table. Bball setup looks like landfill though.

  • would the table tennis fit in the car?

    • Well it's able to fit in a 85cm (L) x 15cm (H) x 145cm (W) box, so yes, I would say so.

      Picture 2 and 3 shows the table in it's folded up form.

  • I managed to get the Table Tennis Table from Kmart, haven’t put it together yet.

    Anyone know if it’s hard or time consuming?

  • If you want good quality, don’t shop at Kmart.

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