Any Extended Car Warranty Suggestion?

Hi all,

I've recently bought 2007 Volkswagen Beetle cabriolet model from private dealer which has been through checking and repair service lately.
(This man has a blue slip and all manual books and PPSR check paper)

I'm also aware that there is no statutory warranty provided if I buy a car from private dealer.
So what I am looking for is an extended third party car warranty.
I wonder if there is any extended warranty that has good price and coverage for my car

Thanks in advance for taking your time for this post and any comments would be very welcome.


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    extended third party car warranty

    Grabs popcorn

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    What is a private dealer? A private seller or a third party dealer? The latter does provide a three-month dealer guarentee but not for vehicles over 10 years old.

    Why would you even buy a 14 year old uncommon vehicle? What are you looking for the warranty to cover? There are so many exclusions that even if you found someone to cover an old car, it wouldn't be worthwhile. It's a not a free repair scheme.

    Get comprehensive insurance and hope nothing major goes wrong with it.

  • who did the checking and repairing?

  • These extended warranties are usually fine(or just ok) for old reliable Honda's and Toyota's as parts excluded in warranty usually dont brake .

    • Hopefully not including the brakes…bud dum tish!

  • The seller did all the checking, repairs and approvals???

    Do you think the seller will tell you of any issues?.Na, neither do I

  • Suggest read all T&Cs and check the reviews. Extended warranties are usually "fee for no service" category of services.

  • Good luck getting extended warranty for a car that old.

    However if you can get it looking good you will make good money renting it for school formals

  • Welcome newbie to the new OZ car snake sales department that takes money for nothing.

    As you have "recently bought" the car already then you will not be able to buy a third party warranty. You can always google and see if there are any, but I have not seen any after you have allready bought a car.

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    Yeah… don’t waste your money… on the warranty or the shitbox 2007 Volkswagen Beetle cabriolet…

    See you back here in a few weeks when that thing shits it’s guts out and you need to get it repaired.

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      most extended warranty's aren't worth the paper they are written on
      As for the car itself, How is the price, availability or time frame to source spare parts for it.

      • A shitbox, limited appeal, low selling niche model that is 14 years old from a manufacturer that is well renowned for screwing over customers under warranty, let alone used car buyers.

        Yeah, there might be some issues sourcing parts.

  • Surely this is a weak troll attempt

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