Price Gouging from Shopping Express

I never used to believe stores would blatantly jack up the price of products during eBay sales and all, but seems as ShoppingExpress just does this:

Their website has the 3060 for $889

Meanwhile ebay for $1,075.

I understand ebay charges fees, but these fees are due to ebay attracting alot more traffic than your noirmal website.
It's like clothing store in Westfield complaining why his store pays $5,000 / week rent compared to the guy outside on the plaza.

Having said that, even if we were to offset the 10-11% fees, then the product should be 889+10% = $977 on ebay,

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  • "Price gouging occurs when a seller increases the prices of goods, services, or commodities to a level much higher than is considered reasonable or fair. Usually, this event occurs after a demand or supply shock"

    So is $889 fair? I dont know what your problem is.

    • not about if $889 is fair or not (facepalm)
      it's the difference in price.

      Whether the gfx card should be $400 or $1000 is irrelevant, it's about the price difference by the seller on 2 different selling platforms.
      one platform is offering 15% off as a SALE, so the seller capitalises on it and jacks the price.

  • Ebay is to catch numpties who dont know better and dont research…

  • +6

    I'm guessing you don't have eBay plus, because there is a 20% coupon code that reduces the price of the 3060 from $1,075.00 -> $860. So it is cheaper on eBay, but that discount still doesn't satisfy the advertised discount of 20% off.

    What you're actually looking at is not "price gouging" — technically it's price jacking. They do it whenever there's an eBay sale going on, and they usually do it for resale price maintenance reasons.

    We've already got ongoing discussions for PJ.

    Most of the big-name retailers are doing it, & have done so deliberately with no attempts to hide it. I've also noticed MYER and The Good Guys and Microsoft don't usually price jack, but whenever a sale is on they simply delete the listings (or set available quantity to zero) on their most popular items including toys, LEGO, Bose, Apple and other electronics so they don't end up getting an angry letter from their suppliers telling them they're selling their brands at below the MAP (min advertised price).

  • +2

    I never used to believe stores would blatantly jack up the price of products during eBay sales and all

    You must be new here :P
    Price jacking on eBay by various stores each time a coupon came around has been commented on every time for years it's been posted on OzB

  • Yes

  • $900 is cheap. Buy it and mine ultra sound money.

  • To be fair ebay is a rip-off to sell on and this is not the first time I've seen sellers essentially offset the ebay fee to the buyer.

    Holy crap ebay fees have gone up since I gave up selling on ebay! 13.4% the final value!? Why does anyone sell on there? Ebay must be laughing with all the GPU madness going on.

    • Buyers are paying for the fees.

      • If sellers calculated and include the cost into product cost.

        • Of course they do.

          Businesses that don't hide the cost in the price is ngmi.

  • im scared to ask, but op did you google any of the prices before your black friday/cyber monday buys?
    if you are just catching onto this now, rip

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