Apple Watch eSim

I have an apple watch series 6 that has cellular.
I want to go on a really cheap plan as I want to connect the watch to a personal mobile that I don't use much data for as I also have a work phone that I use more often.
Is there a way to get an eSIM for it without needing to go through the big 3 (Telstra, Optus & Vodafone), as their plans are for larger data plans? Thanks.


  • Optus lets you number share with Apple Watch so you don't need it's own plan.

    What provider are you with? Worth checking if they offer similar thing.

    • Telstra offers a similar eSim share deal for $5 monthly charge

  • $5 with Voda too. Not sure why you think you need a plan for your watch, all the carriers do the same “sim sharing” as it’s just linked to your main service.

  • what happens if you want the Apple Watch as a standalone eSIM, ie not connected to your mobile or using number share?

    anyone know of any small mobile eSIM plans, preferably under $20pm or PAYG

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