Can't Buy Grit Guard From Overseas

Hey guys, been trying to purchase a grit guard (missed the epic Repco deal from a couple of years ago). I've bought 4 of them from 3 separate sellers (2 on AE, 1 from eBay). Customs keeps sending them back for some reason. Is this a new policy or whatever?

And yes it's only $6 from Repco right now. But each time I've purchased it was with a SB bonus. Which doesn't really matter now as they'll all be rejected due to refund :(


  • This thing?

    Don't see why customs would reject a piece of plastic. Odd. Maybe seller hasn't signed the right declarations on form or something.

    • Yeah that. I dunno why it'd be rejected either :/ 3 different sellers man, every single one of them sent back.

      • +1

        Repco it is then. $6 not worth stressing over.

  • You don't need these grit "guard" things. Just get a pack of cloths, put them all in a bucket of clean soapy water and use them one at a time. Don't put a cloth back in after using it; put it aside for washing later.

    • Or hang it on edge of bucket

  • Or don't go near the bottom of the bucket

    It's actually quite easy to only reach in half way ……

    • grit can still stay stuck on the sponge or cloth without having to reach the bottom.

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