[NSW] OzBargain 15th Birthday - Sydney Hurstville Meetup - Monday 20th Dec at Mr Stonebowl at 7pm

Hi Everyone,

I've organised an event at this place to celebrate OzBargain's 15th Birthday and to help us meet our local OzBargainers.

Mr. Stonebowl @ Hurstville is a well reviewed restaurant serving modern and traditional Chinese dishes. They have a 4.2 star rating on Google and there is frequently a queue outside their restaurant.

Menu with pictures here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1olw_dL-EqdSjGUiZhFfdzTQZ1PP...

Please let me know if you cannot make it or revoke your vote so I can accommodate those wanting to attend.

Since there are enough interest on 20th Dec, that is the day it will be.

Thanks and look forward to meeting everyone there.

EDIT: I have increased the cap to 20 people due to a high amount of interest. If you want to secure your place, you need to click "Yes I am attending on 20th Dec" in the poll AND send me a PM with your name to let me know you are definitely coming. I may open up more places if I get more than 20 people PM me and the restaurant can accommodate.

This is because some people click attending but don't actually show up. It is embarrassing and unreasonable for me as an organiser to reserve a lot of seats and only have half the people show up.

I have also changed the booking time to 7pm to give people more time to get there, so less excuses for being late. Ideally meet outside 10min before to allow me to check you in and then we can go in as a group. If you are going to be late, send me a PM to let me know you are coming so we know to keep the table/seat for you. If you don't let me know you are late but still coming, there is a chance I may have to give your seat away if the restaurant is busy.

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  • 30
    Yes - I am attending on 20th Dec
  • 7
    No - I'm interested but can only do 21st Dec


  • +2

    Does Mr Stonebowl accept Dine NSW vouchers?

    • +3

      I assume yes, but no need as the cost of the food will be paid for.

      • How do you enrol? DM?

        • +1

          Just click yes, you are attending on the 20th Dec

  • +1

    This place looks pretty damn tasty!

    • Yes it does! The menu is quite interesting and there is almost always a queue to get in so should be good.

  • So for people who voted they can attend 20th Dec, can anyone NOT attend 21st Dec if event was moved to 21st Dec?
    Just asking as 4 people interested said they can ONLY do 21st Dec.

    • im ok both days but just do another pool otherwise confusing.
      20 only
      21 only
      any 20/21

      • Good suggestion! I just tried, but it seems like I can't change the poll options now, when I press submit it won't save.

        • Well we have 10 now for 20 so just stick with it, still early.

          • @ChiMot: Ideally, we need 15 for it to go ahead so that's why I am hoping either more people can come to 20th Dec OR some of the 10 people who said they can attend 20th Dec can also attend 21st Dec. But I will wait for further comments from others before deciding if a change in date is warranted.

    • i voted 20 but something came up :( sorry count me out.

    • I can attend :
      YES - Monday 20/12
      YES - Tuesday 21/12

    • I can make both days

  • Yess somewhere local! I remember ozbargain's birthday 2 years ago and it was great! Happy for 20th or 21st :)

  • +2

    Can you preorder the Peking duck, half servings please. Trust me

  • +1

    Hi @concento How do we know if we've made it into the 15 person cap or not?

    • +3

      That's an excellent question. I have called the restaurant today and increased the booking to 20.

      However, the more important question is who clicked attending is ACTUALLY going to show up? And who is going to show up ON TIME?

      For another meetup I organised on Monday, those of us who were there on time had to wait 30min for others to show up and even after we started eating, we still had people arriving. That's not the problem, the problem is when no one gives me any notice they are late, and I have already given the tables I reserved back to the restaurant, or if the kitchen is about to close for orders, both of which happened on Monday.

      If you take the effort to send me a PM with your name, confirming with me you will definitely attend, I will make sure you get a spot. If I get more than 20 ppl PM me committing to come, then I will see what I can do to increase the number of spots available.

      Thanks and look forward to meeting you.

      • so, you're still sticking with 6:30pm - Monday, 20/12 ?

        maybe make it 7 or 7:15pm,
        so there's less peak-hour traffic for people to join ?
        no pressure.
        just a thought.

        • +3

          I have actually been thinking about making it 7pm. It also works better with the restaurant as they are happy to waive the normal 90 min sitting limit if we start at 7pm. Watch this space. I am sticking to 20th Dec.

  • i can make it at 7pm if your increasing numbers cheers

    • You have to vote attending on 20th if you want to attend

  • I have an important question for those who are looking to attend on Monday 20th Dec, would the planned industrial action of the train network affect your ability to make the event?


    If so, can you do Tuesday 21st Dec?

    Ideally I would like to keep it on 20th Dec as I already booked with the restaurant, however this is an important consideration so your feedback asap would be much appreciated, thank you.

    • should keep it as is if you have everything set up

      • I now have enough PMs confirming attendance for Monday 20th Dec so it will go ahead tomorrow night as planned.

    • Strike Again? Wth….

      • Yes i prefer 21 now, taking bus isnt fun

    • -IF- the time / date is still 7pm (Monday 20/12) ,

      then, I can offer 3 x seats and pick up anyone on my route,
      along King Georges Road , between Rhodes & Hurstville

      ( Naturally, this would be a return service & I won't leave you stranded in Hurstville! )

  • Sorry, I can't make it anymore. The poll does not allow me to change from yes to no. Have fun and enjoy.

  • Sorry, I'm out as well. Enjoy the dinner!

  • Pass. Thanks to the strikes. /s
    Vote changed

    • -1

      anyone will go back home to nearby Glenfield and can give me lift ? (Not granville.)
      i can go by myself just going back is difficult without train

  • I am able to attend! Unable to send a PM to concento- because this is a new account. Looks like there's more than 20 attending though so =( ?

    • Don't worry I will note your attendance down. Some people can't make it due to various reasons so don't worry you will get a spot

      • Awesome! See you there =) Keen to meet some fellow Ozbargainers!

  • +1

    Everyone who is coming on Monday 20th Dec (tomorrow night), please PM me to confirm you are coming to reserve your spot by 8pm 19th Dec.
    I only have 5 spots left, all others have been taken by those who have PM'd me. I will only ask the restaurant to reserve more seats if I get more PMs confirming attendance.

  • +2

    if anyone are happy to offer lifts, please comment here and let us know which suburb you are coming from. Thanks.

    • +1

      Lifts offered

      • Seats : 3
      • Time : from 6pm (Monday 20/12)
      • Start : West Ryde
      • Route : anywhere along, or near, the Lane Cove Road / King Georges Road,
      eg. West Ryde, Rhodes, Flemington, Greenacre, Wiley Park, Lakemba, Beverly Hills, etc.

      I'm restricted by time for pick-up locations,
      but after the dinner, I am more flexible for drop-offs,
      and can take you closer to your home, if necessary.

      Just tell me early, about pick-ups and don't make me late ! :-D

  • Welp I’m early

  • We are inside on the right as you walk in, anyone who doesn't arrive by 7:30pm but is still intending on coming must PM me, other wise I will have to give the table back to the restuarant

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