Is There Any Good GPU's for $650 for 1080p or Is 1660 It?

Can't stretch, $650 is it. Just get a 1660 or anything else under the radar I don't know of that is better?


  • For 1080p only? Get a used gtx970 for like $200

    • Will it handle even newer games? Say I wanted to do RDR2, in 1080p.

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    Please don't get a 1660 Ti or Super. I decided to upgrade a few weeks ago to a RX 6600 XT (brand new $849) and I managed to sell my USED 1660 Super on Ebay for over $750. Crazy….

    If you can't stretch to $849 for a RX 6600 XT, go for the RX 6600 model. It still blows the pants off the 1660 Ti in pretty much all games at 1080p, including RDR2 by a SIGNIFICANT amount - see here

    RX 6600 - $699 In stock

    Just pay the extra $50 - I know your budget is tight but you'd be getting a significantly inferior card if you went the 1660Ti not to mention, a much older generation. You'll upgrade sooner and end up losing money in the long run. When the GPU shortage ends, GTX 1660 cards will be quite old and undesirable.

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    I'd hunt around for a second hand 2060 at that price, but really if you're going 1080p then save your money, buy something low cost (1060 or something).

    Actually, I'd buy an xbox series s at that price for 1080p gaming, considering it's targeted at 1440p gaming.

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      Yeah I'd honestly buy a GTX 1060 or RX 590 or whatever old second hand card, game happily at 1080p 60 for 6 more months, and wait until a less-insane time.

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        GTX 1060 6GB is probably the best option for 1080p 60fps. Can probably be had $350 to $400
        I'd avoid the 3GB version unless significantly cheaper

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    Ugghh everytime I see a GPU post, just makes me so angry. I put a 1660Ti in my partners PC for like $320. Prices are just so ridiculous.

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      Now is the time to sell it for $700. Then buy back later when prices drop.

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  • Do you have reliable or fast nbn broadband? Could try xbox cloud gaming, it comes with Xbox game pass

    The first month is only $1.

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    I'm not sure about the prices but used RTX2060's are going for $500 on marketplace and gumtree, nothing that new thermal paste and a blast of compressed air can't get up and running.

    • That's not too bad really. Really pretty close to what they were going for before the GPU price apocolypse came.

    • Can you please link these marketplace listings? I just browsed good and nada.
      Same for Gumtree.

      • Depends where you are
        Here in perth gtx 980's are going for $100 - $150
        Rtx 2060's and 1080's around $500-$600 sometimes less

  • I sold my old 1070 for $500 like two weeks ago. Something like that would be fine for 1080p

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