Moving to Sydney for Work in CBD Any Recommendations Where to Live?


It's been a while since I last went Sydney.. never lived there before. Rents are expensive from what I seen.

Any recommendations for close places to the CBD (train or nearby?) that would be good for renting?

Looking for areas with not worn down 2 bedroom / 1 bedroom apartment ($400-$600/week rent ideal).


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    $21,000 1Y in rent for a 1 bedroom.


    • That's actually not too bad for a one-bedder CBD apartment. Pre-COVID, it was much worse.

      I was paying $500/week and that was in Melbourne CBD (Melb is cheaper vs Sydney). And no, I don't work at Westpac either! 🤣

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      Can you live in an AMG?

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    That budget could easily net you an apartment in the CBD itself. No commute to work is a godsend for personal time & mental health.

    You have all the amenities you could need around you including supermarkets, shopping, restaurants, cafes etc. Most high rise buildings have gyms, pools, spas, games room, cinema theatrettes etc. Consider money saved on commuting and gym as factored into the rent.

    Easy access to Darling Harbour or Circular Quay for events, night time walks, bit of a change. You have Hyde Park, The Domain and Royal Botanic Garden within walking/tram distance.

    10 mins drive you're out of city in any direction. Pretty much everything is convenient central location to drive to whether Inner West, Blue Mountains, Northern Beaches, Ku-Ring-Gai or beyond.

    Do it for a year till you settle in and consider other areas. I went that route and still here 4 years later, it's just too convenient and comfortable. Only reason I would move out would be to purchase my own house property in future.

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    The actual CBD itself is pretty rubbish for after work / weekend stuff. I lived there (king st wharf) for 2 years and was constantly going to Newtown and further out west to enjoy my weekends/ time off. CBD is just stale, has no character, good for getting pissed at pretentious bars if you are in that stage of life, not much else. Surry Hills and Newtown are close and are much nicer to live in. Lots of places to eat, theatres, a few craft beer breweries and exploring out west from there for about 5km, you have access to a great part of the city.

    • +1 for Surry Hills. Close to the CBD for the work week, enough bars & restaurants for the weekend, and right near central if you need to go anywhere else.

  • With that budget you are going to be okay with finding something that fits your bill - what is the maximum commute time you would want? I would suggest living near a train (or ferry) line for most efficient peak hour commute

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    Rent in auburn close to CBD cheap as chips rent wont be paying premium of Lidcombe or strathfield or CBD prices

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      Auburn close to CBD? Since when?

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        30mins to the city 200 bux in rent. Paying anything over 250 a week in rent is a waste of money.

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      OP didn't specifically mention it, but I don't think getting shot or stabbed is something in his requirements! lol

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      Rent in auburn close to CBD

      The goalposts of Sydney urban sprawl has truly shifted, if Auburn is considered 'close to the CBD.'

    • Flawless logic.

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        Sydney has expanded any suburb between Parra to City is considered close

        • Just because urban sprawl is inventing newer, even more western postcodes doesn't make Parramatta or Auburn 'closer' to the CBD. If anything, it adds to the inbound traffic pile-on.

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          Agree with you about distance but I've never heard anyone else recommend Auburn as a good place to live.

          • @onetwothreefour: I don't either i think OP might be shanked on the way home but the rent is cheaper compared to Lidcombe and Strathfield.

            But would you save say $80 a week for the risk of being shanked?

            Funny enough I drove through Auburn today. Doesn't look like there are gangs out there looks like a migrant town?

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              @George Washington: all these racist comments about getting stabbed in auburn are disgusting.

              really pathetic actually to be so clueless about the reality of suburbs

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      dude auburn is a slum

      happy to be proven wrong

      • Auburn is a slum but cheap rent. I got workmates living there cheap rent for the price even said cheep groceries. OP should consider cost of living food etc

        • Following that logic.. Blacktown is only 10 mins further out and cheaper again..

  • Open Murdoch or Nine's real estate sites, select Sydney, set your budget and features, look at places on map. Or ask Ozb

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    Per week? You could get a furnished apartment in the CBD for that price.

  • There's allot of apartments poping up all over Sydney. Check out or for apartments and check out how close they are to trains.

    Close in Sydney terms can mean as far out as Bondi, Hurstville, Ashfield, St Leonards.
    Close in Sydney terms can also mean as far out as Bondi Beach, Maroubra, Sutherland, Strathfield, Chatswood, Kingsgrove.
    Close in Sydney terms can also mean as far out as anywhere in the Eastern Suburbs, Hornsby to the North, Paramatta to the west, Holseworth to the south west and south to the Shire.

    How close is your definition of close to the CBD?

    • Close can also be defined in terms of travel time to CBD by public transport

      Some places are physically close but still take longer to get to due to lack of fast transport routes.

  • Another state

  • That budget would get you a one bedroom in the City easy :)

  • I lived in Surry Hills for years, loved the place. If you work in the CBD it’s walkable (I used to walk everyday to Pyrmont) and you got pubs, bars, restaurants, sports stadiums on your doorstep. It’s walking distance also to Central for trains.

    If it wasn’t for having pesky kids I’d still live there.

  • with a username like that, I think you will fit in well in Kings Cross.

    • Kings Cross died a long time ago lol

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    I agree with both Hybroid and Baker Bob - CBD is very convenient, but yes can be dull on the weekend. I've lived in the CBD, Lower North Shore and Inner West, as well as working in Eastern Suburbs. This is all about 10years+ ago, but keep in touch with others living there, so have a vague idea.

    I enjoyed living in Annandale leafy streets, cafes, parks can jump on a bus to the CBD. Glebe is similar but a bit closer again.

    Newtown is great, lots going on, can be a bit crowded and yuck at times. Pricier rents but train or bus to CBD. Erskinville next to newtown is pretty good.

    I worked in Randwick, but would consider living there or nearby, I enjoyed Coogee as a beach, as I'm not into big surf, Clovelly/Gordon's bay nearby is also nice if you're into snorkeling, swimming, jogging by the ocean etc.

    You're going to have choice as I believe apartment rentals close the city have decreased in price. If you like going to the beach, I'd aim to be not too far away, as even short distances can take a long time in Sydney.

  • Hi thanks for your comments, I've been looking at inside the CBD (with parking) and cheapest I could find is $625/week.

    When people mention the CBD being dull on weekends, what's the reason and why further out will be more interesting? Cafes? Is it drivable?

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