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50% off KONG Wobbler Dog Toy $19.99 + Shipping (Free C&C Hornsby NSW, Free Shipping Sydney Metro over $100/$200) @ Peek-a-Paw


Our prices are always the best compared with all the stores in Australia, which is the required condition we list the products. However, we normally can't offer free shipping because of the tiny profit margin. The good news is we decided to try offering free local delivery to specific areas in Sydney metro when order value over $100/$200(different areas vary).

All deals at the moment are the best prices, just like
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  • Shipping kills this deal if your outside of the free delivery area…

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    What a great start to the week. I now know what a Kong Wobbler is.

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    Oh! So that's what that's actually for.

  • FYI, my dog has one of these and it's super noisy on wooden floors.

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      I put my dog's kibble in it every morning and throw it on the lawn (when weather is good). My dog loves the challenge and it always tires him out.

  • My Labrador didn't like kong toy at all. No matter I treat I put in.

    • My dog goes bananas for it.

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    Would be good to put that this is a dog toy in the title.

    • Thanks for your suggestion. Already updated the title.

    • But it could help with constipation… I guess?

  • Fill it with something like peanut butter (and dry dog food), dog will go crazy with it for hours and completely forget reality exists

    • how do the dog get the peanut butter out when the whole is so tiny? Unless you have a weenie dog.

      • Oh, just realised I have this. Much larger hole at the bottom. There's also XL if you want a bigger Kong. (OPs is a small)

    • Don't recommend Peanut butter in a Wobbler. It's designed for bits of food to fall out of the small hole on the side.

      • Yeah sorry I didn't realise there was different Kongs. I have the classic. Seems much better anyway.

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    My dogs love all their Kong toys but this is probably their favourite. These prices aren't THAT good though. I buy a lot of my doggy toys and treats from Waggly Shop and their usual price for the small Wobbler is $37 and $47 for the large. Every few months they have a 30% off sale and when you purchase something, they follow up with a thank you confirmation email with an extra 20% to 25% off code for next purchase. So I paid $19.42 for the small and $24.67 for the large (I have 2 furbabies). Also postage is free for orders over $50. I'm not associated with them, just an OzBargainer sniffing 🐕for the best deals.

  • There's different Kong's available folks. This one is specifically for dry kibble, as hole is very small.

    Other ones have a much larger opening that allows you to put peanut butter inside, and doggo can lick the inside by holding the Kong with his paws.

  • Just FYI, Petcircle will price beat this with cheaper delivery cost.

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