5700G as a Secondary Gaming/HTPC

With the recent price drop on the 5700G it's a good choice for super small gaming/htpcs, not saying it's a powerhouse by any means, I use it to replace a i3 10100 for my nas. Anyone else using it?


  • Use it for what? NAS, gaming, HTPC or dev dox or etc?

  • You put a $500 CPU in your NAS?

    • A 5700G in a NAS? That wouldn't make a lot of sense.

      Presumably what the OP means is that they have a PC they use as a NAS, and by putting a 5700G in it its got enough processing power and good enough graphics and not use the heaps of power and need lots of noisy cooling fans that a separate GPU would necessitate that it can do triple duty as a HTPC and a good enough gaming machine

      • Yup, I'm in the middle of assembling it and I'm using it as NAS/Emulation/HTPC rig. In this instance 8 cores works well for VMs, the Vega graphics work well for very light gaming.

        • Overkill for a NAS.
          Emulation is good for Mame, N64, C64… But PS3 and PS4 may struggle.
          HTPC got to watch the 4K playback w.r.t. what apps you use and if the codec uses the AMD GPU in the 5700G.
          Development - works a treat with the 16 cores the VM sees…. So long as you have enough DRAM and have a reasonable speed SSD

      • A 5700G in a NAS? That wouldn't make a lot of sense.

        That's what made me ask, it was a weird line to read and I'm not sure where it was going.

        Still overkill as well, might as well save $120 and get a 5600G, throwing 16 threads at HTPC/NAS/light gaming is far more than necessary. Plus you can get near silent GPUs, at least as quiet as the CPU fan, although every GPU is overpriced at the moment.

        It's a shame AMD doesn't beef up their GPU to be something like the Apple M1. Playing around with one earlier this year it was fine for 1080p medium graphics gaming. The Ryzen GPU is more akin to a 1030.

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