Best Free VPN for XBox Code Redeeming - Chrome Plug-In

Hi all,
As per subject line - what is the best free VPN to allow XBox code redeeming?
Specifically, I'm looking to redeem codes from Argentina - TunnelBear's Argentina VPN no longer appears to work… any suggestions?


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  • Where's the cheapest codes at the moment?

  • I just used Windscribe yesterday, following the advice in this thread (suggestions for codes in there too) :

  • Which it was /thread -> Windscribe doesn't have an Argentina VPN on their free tier…

    • actually why on earth are you using argentina , you should be using turkish cards + vpn as per the deal?

      • It's for games, not gamepass! Already onto Turkey re: gamepass

    • Curiously, Argentina is available for free on the Chrome app, but not on the Firefox addon.

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