Suggestions for Towable Water Toys/Tubes

I'm looking at purchasing a tube/toy (to tow behind a boat) as a present for the family and was hoping for some suggestions.
We'd like something that takes a minimum of two people and 175kg.
It will be used by adults so wanting to focus on something a bit more fun than being towed in an "inflatable couch" as mum put it, but also not over the top.
Would love recommendations on particular types, but also long lasting brands and where to buy them from, would be appreciated.


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    The Big Bazooka is a lot of fun for under $500 on Amazon, can tow up to 4 at a time and can be used a few different ways.

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    Suggestions for Towable Water Toys/Tubes

    My suggestion is avoid these death traps.

    I hate towing these things. In fact I sold ours on gumtree so they are not even an option to use. In my opinion these are dangerous due to the lack of control and unpredictability when they hit a boat wake (your own or another boats)

    As the responsible person in charge of a vessel (the licensed driver) you are liable if someone gets hurt on one of these.

    Stick to kneeboards, wakeboards etc where the skier has an additional level of control to avoid dangerous situations.

    Source: been driving boats and pulling skiers for 20+ years

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      But how do you get on Funniest Home Videos without someone terrified flying 30ft into the air?

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        Disregard my post above everybody.

    • Thanks @MS Paint, I'll discuss it with the family. If we were to go for a wake board, can you recommend one?

      • What sort of boat have you got?

        There's a big difference between pulling a tube and yanking a 100kg adult out of the water.

        • Lol that I will need to check in with dad about, will get back to you

      • Kinda agree with ms paint. While I probably don’t have as much experience as MS paint I’ve used various things for towing behind boats plenty of times. Something you can’t steer is good for little kids and gentle rides. For adults it’s a bit dull unless you drive like a loony and try to throw them off. Get a basic tube big enough for an adult and a child and something steerable.

        Wakeboard is a big step from nothing it can be quite a challenge to start, especially if your boat doesn’t have heaps of power. Start with a knee board, you can start in the lying down position and kneel up once going. A much better option for beginners but can be hard on the knees.

        We used boogie boards over the years too, a cheap versatile option.

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    wanting to focus on something a bit more fun

    Manta Ray flying tube.

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