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3-5% off Woolworths Group Gift Cards (3% off WISH Cards, 4% off Woolworths, 5% off BIG W, BWS, Dan Murphy's) @ Student Edge


Another source to claim discounted Woolworths gift cards!

Only offers for BIG W and Woolworths gift cards are listed on Student Edge's site, but once you click through to giftcards.woolworths.com.au via the student edge link, you can also purchase WISH, BWS and Dan Murphy's gift cards.

Both digital eGift Cards and physical gift cards are available.

Buy a discounted eGift Card via Student Edge and you can save on groceries!

If you want to save 4% off at Woolworths, simply follow the link and purchase a discounted eGift Card to the value of your choosing (between $20 and $250). It'll be delivered to you via email in up to 2 days, which you can then print off and spend at Woolworths in store or online.

You can even purchase Woolworths eGift Cards as presents, which you can personalise with a message or image. There aren't even any delivery charges!

What are you waiting for? Buy a gift card now and pay less today!

Want to check your eGift card balance on the go?

Download the Woolworths Money App from the App Store or Google Play
Purchase the Wooloworths eGift Cards via the link above
Easily add eGift Cards via email to the Money App from the mobile without the need to enter the 19 digit card number and 4 digit PIN
Track your Wooloworths eGift Cards balances on the App
Use your Wooloworths eGift Cards across any Woolworths supermarket!

FYI, you can also find some other portals that you may have access too for (sometimes higher) discounted Woolworths Group gift cards in the OzB Discounted eGift Cards wiki too

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    Can you pay with AMEX?

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      Yes, and you will not be surcharged.

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    Here is the current list of discounted WISH cards

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    Just a reminder too that NSW Seniors card holders can get 5% off Woolworths WISH eGift Cards.
    Use at participating Woolworths Supermarkets, BIG W, Woolworths Fuel, Dan Murphys, BWS.

    • +10

      Not too many people are going to be eligible for both Student Edge and Seniors Card.

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        … but if you have a relative who has a NSW Seniors card, they could access the portal on your behalf and charge your card each time you want to purchase a WISH eGift Card.

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        A senior can’t be a student?

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          Learning should be a lifelong habbit

        • +1

          No, just that the majority of students won't be seniors and the majority of seniors won't be students.

        • “Not many”.

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    Considering Student Edge are simply redirecting you to the Woolworths Group gift card portal, a friendly reminder that Woolworths Group’s policy is that they will block all prepaid cards (not just prepaid gift cards) as a payment on this portal. If you manage to pay for a gift card using a prepaid card, Woolworths Group reserve the right to cancel the order and refund you.

    Prepaid cards include:

    • Coles Gift Mastercards - a lot of OzBargainers (including me) tried using them in October with no success.
    • OnlyONE Prepaid Visa gift cards
    • Australia Post Gift Card by Mastercard
    • Australia Post Everyday Mastercard
    • Qantas Travel Money card
    • Anyone had success with these prepaid cards ?

      Revolut disposable Cards?
      Zip one time payment disposable cards?

      • I personally don’t know.

      • Neither of those are actually issued as prepaid afaik

      • zip should be okay, they are like credit cards
        revolut is classified as prepaid, so more unlikely to work

      • +1

        I've paid with a one time Zip payment card multiple times and also my crypto.com prepaid VISA.

        I assume(?) the policy is mainly targeted at moreso gift card type of prepaid cards. Although I purchased thru Zip ~2 years ago. Perhaps the policy has updated since then.

  • Is this the only way to get some discount on Opal card now with AMEX small shop gone

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      Top up at Coles using discounted e-gift cards and stack with Flybuys 'spend $x, get y points' offers

  • For non-students and non-seniors, any alternative discount gift card portals (with no fee for credit card payment) now that Suncorp is coming to an end in January?

    • Do you have any particular gift cards you want to access (e.g. Amazon, eBay, Coles, Woolworths Supermarkets, WISH) or are you looking for general gift card portal suggestions?

      Also, what kind of credit card(s) are you looking to use? Visa? Mastercard? AMEX?

      • Amazon, Ebay, JB, Coles, WW.


        • +5

          A tricky set of requirements… the problem is that I cannot meet all your requirements based on the gift card portals I am aware of. That's probably the reason Suncorp Benefits as we know it is being killed off; it was probably costing Suncorp too much money to continue providing access to a reasonably good gift card portal.

          • Macquarie Marketplace has a gift card portal for Macquarie transactions or savings account holders or Macquarie credit card holders, but you must use funds from your Macquarie transactions or savings account or reward points on your Macquarie credit card, so your Mastercard is not an option. The discounts are on par with other gift card portals (except JB Hi-Fi).

          • Redeem Your Gift Card has two gift card portals (one for Sunsuper members, even though anyone can actually access it, one for the general public) and has good discounts on EG / Caltex Woolworths eGift Cards (which are actually WISH eGift Cards). However, they don't stock Coles digital gift cards, they charge a $1 processing fee for each gift card, plus the only accepted payment method is bank transfer. I guess that's how they keep their costs down…

          • If you have two insurance policies with Budget Direct, you'll gain access to their gift card portal. However, they don't have eBay and I don't know if they surcharge Mastercards.

          • If you have a car insurance policy or mobile phone service with Woolworths Insurance or Woolworths Mobile respectively, you can get access to the Woolworths Group gift card portal with the same discounts as the ones in this deal, but of course, that will only give you access to a range of Woolworths Group gift cards.

          • HCF have a reasonable gift card portal, but they don't stock eBay gift cards and they slug a 1% surcharge for Visa, Mastercard or AMEX.

          Ironically, I think one of the best gift card portals at the moment is Prezzee. Sure, you'd be relying on their gift card deals, but they've been having a lot of gift card deals recently.

          I'd suggest you check out the discounted gift card page, as that may list a gift card portal you already have access to!

          • +1

            @WookieMonster: Thanks for the detailed summary.

            Have gone through the page linked in the past & Suncorp was about the only one I could access, with reasonable discounts.

            Have used AGL Rewards & Ambassador Card portals in past, but no fee only for direct debit payments & can take 2-3 days after your payment is cleared to be sent egift cards. AGL Rewards discounts not as good these days & had dramas with them for my electricity so jumped ship.

            My Ambassador Card tie up finishes at end of year.

            Suncorp have promised something new from April, but still leaves close to 3 months from when they finish up current offering & expect it will be more restricted/somewhat less appealing than current offering.

            Thanks again for the detailed reply though - suspect it might be useful for some other OzBers :-).

    • RACQ has a gift card portal that accepts AMEX without surcharge

      • +1

        Unfortunately, not in Qld and my car insurance already has roadside service included.

        Thanks for the info though, might help some OzBers from Qld.

  • Can you use Big W gift cards at Woolworths?

    • I would be very surprised if that worked.

      I scanned a BIG W eGift Card (starting with 628000 712) at Woolworths at the start of this year, and the checkout returned an error.

      I also have a strong feeling that attempting to redeem physical BIG W gift cards starting with 628000 520 would also return an error at Woolworths.

      • +1

        The Essentials Gift Card (i think the one with photo of Big W and Woolworths) does not work on Gift Card payment section, (instead it works on Eftpos payment (same as the one you use for like Coles Mastercard prepaid GC's) section)

  • Why does everyone want to pay with AMEX? For FF points or is there some other reason?

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      Yep, would only be for FF points and / or to meet spend requirements for FF points.

  • Can you use these to buy Apple gift cards?

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      Woolworths updated their checkout systems in late 2018 to stop people from using gift cards as a payment method of any gift cards sold at Woolworths. BIG W also updated their checkout systems around the same time.

      Feel free to give it a try, but don’t bank on it working.

      • I’m not across the gift card process, but can you add the credit to your Rewards balance, and pay with that?

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          Your Everyday Rewards Dollars balance can only be topped up when your Everyday Rewards points reaches 2,000 points. Everyday Rewards will automatically convert 2,000 Everyday Rewards points into $10 Everyday Rewards Dollars, and will continue to convert points that until your points balance is below 2,000 Everyday Rewards points.

          Woolworths Group gift cards are managed separately, and a lot of people use the Woolworths Money app to manage their Woolworths Group gift cards.

          You may be thinking of the Everyday Pay wallet that is still undergoing a trial for a limited number of people across Australia. You can add Woolworths Supermarket and WISH Gift Cards to this wallet built into the Everyday Rewards app and use that wallet to pay for items at Woolworths, but that is a really just another payment method, and doesn’t have anything to do with the Everyday Rewards Dollars balance on an Everyday Rewards account.

  • RACQ members can get:

    Woolworths Supermarket Store eGift Cards – 4%
    BIG W Store eGift Cards – 5%
    BWS Store eGift Cards – 5%
    Dan Murphy’s Store eGift Cards – 5%
    Caltex Woolworths co-branded Petrol eGift Cards – 3%
    WISH eGift Cards – 3%

  • Has anyone tried to get the gift card through Student Edge discounted link? I tried but the discount wasn’t applied. Thanks!

    • I tried the link yesterday morning and added a $500 Woolworths Store eGift Card to the cart, and the discount was automatically applied.

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