S20+ Overheating While Using Android Auto

I have a Samsung S20+ that I am using in a Mazda 6 with Android Auto. It always overheats and eventually (about 90 minutes in) shuts down apps to cool down. I did some googling and found this is not uncommon with Android Auto. Am I a lone ranger?


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    Screen on or off?

    I have my Note 10+ mounted on a vent, so icy cold air blowing on its back helps.

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    Point the air vent at it

  • I have an S20+ and run it a few days a week for 60 to 90 mins, always gets hot but never to the point of shutting down apps. As mentioned above just make sure you set it to screen off as this helps a bit.

    I am using custom firmware though which did improve some of these aspects as I and underclock it which lets it run cooler but was a pain in the ass to actually do this so wouldn't recommend it.

  • Consider installing an app such as Cooling Master (free) which will warn you before your phone overheats and possibly cause damage, and it claims it will help cool your phone down.


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    If you're wireless charging, switching to USB can help. Wireless charging generates a lot more heat.

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      I am using in a Mazda 6 with Android Auto.

      Seeing as the Mazda 6 doesn’t support wireless Android Auto, it’s safe to assume it’s connected via USB already.

      • Fair enough, I don't know enough about that particular model.

  • Do you have the phone in a super heavy duty rugged case?

  • My pixel 3a used to do this too, especially when plugged in. Solution was to turn off the screen when not required

  • I've never had my S20 crash or overheat while using Android Auto. It sits under the steering wheel in a small shelf with a quality 6inch USB cable connected to it.

  • Welcome to the world of shixynos

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