Are There Specialist TV Transporters?

Hi guys, are there any specialist TV removalists that will transport TV from old house to new house.

TV is LG CX 77"and I dont trust the removalists that are moving everything else to take it as I'm sure they won't replace it if something goes wrong.

Do companies exist that specialise in transporting televisions ?



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    Couldn’t you just hire a van, drive 5km an hour, take it yourself? No one is going to care for your tellybox like you.

    • its more about a specialist who

      a) does it for a living and
      b) has adequate insurance

      we have stairs and dont have the box, so it wouldn't be smart to try and do it myself.

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        I actually wouldn't trust anyone but myself. Go to a storage shop and get tons of packing bubble wrap and foam and a suitable box. Borrow a large car or rent a GoGet van if I have to and bring a trusty friend to carefully and slowly relocate it.

        All removalist companies should have appropriate insurance and it's no different than breaking any other item but can be a hassle claiming or proving issues.

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          My 2c on bubble wrap.. we had staff wrap a bunch of work monitors with bubble wrap when we moved locations. Got sent to the next location, getting the stuff off and as it rubbed plastic on the bubble wrap you could hear the static charge going off. This was on grounded computer benches, with us on grounded mats with grounding ankle straps.
          About 5 out of 20 monitors didn't power on. Could have been dead already, could have been a million other things but that static was loud, so I'm not sure I would go with bubble wrap directly.

          I guess also check home insurance in case it has transit cover and what the requirements are.

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        … and dont have the box

        I think this will be your main challenge.

        If anything, people who do removals every day for a living are likely to have the most experience with this sort of thing. Whether a "specialist" - if there's such a thing - will bring anything extra to the table, I have my doubts.

        Talk to your removal guys in advance… I'd want to know they have/I adequate insurance (often they'll ask you to pay a premium) regardless of the TV. Tell them you want them to take extra care with the TV & see what they say.

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        I’m not sure there’s a market for TV removalists but maybe I’m wrong.

        My second proposal is make sure it’s properly ensured and then make sure it doesn’t survive the move. Free upgrade!!!

        TVs are light these days, even big ones like yours. Can’t believe you can’t move it yourself with a mate and a lot of wrapping.

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    Use Airtasker.

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      Could try Swift and Shift Couriers.

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        ask for kev, he will sort you out.

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    That’s why you keep the box for your TV

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      It's not always practical to keep the box for a 77" TV in your home. If you're a renter, I can appreciate why you might. But realistically, how often are you going to need it? Would rather just buy a packing box when needed than have something of that size use up storage space.

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    that's how you flex your TV with size and model.

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    pillows and quilts in the back seat of the car all stuffed so telly dont move

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    The OLED is thin so it must be transported upright.

    Ballers would sell the CX and upgrade it to a 77" C1 or C2 at the new place.

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      Yep, if you've just sold, try to sell to the new owners of the house.
      We sold most of our appliances and just bought new ones and had them delivered. Saved everyone hassles.. a little extra cost for us in getting new again, but we have new again with full warranty etc.

    • good idea, but i wont get more than a few grand for the 77 CX

  • just pick up a tv box with innards from marketplace/gumtree and diy

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    I used to work for a major removalist. All of the "National" brands have & sell TV boxes of various sizes to move TV's in. They will also sell you insurance on your whole move, or just the TV, as long as they pack and move it. I would, however, take pictures of it (including of it working) prior to the move and supervise them closely during packing, loading and unpacking.

    • Grace, Kent, Allied PIckfords etc if your looking for brands. Wridgways are also national but I'd Google them before selecting and make your own decision.

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    Use a removalist with insurance.

    They move TVs every day. I've moved mine twice (without the box), they put a felt blanket over it and strap it to the side of the truck. No problems.

  • If you are in Vic, try Metro Movers.

    I fretted twice over my beloved decade+ Plasma, they have wooden frame / crates with covers for big TVs. Have to mention at booking though.

    Used them twice, recommended, as general movers too.

  • My tv was damaged by removalists who laid my 65" down horizontally on the road for hours while loading the truck. They did it to be careful and avoid it being blown over by a gust of wind. But the joint between the two side foam pieces in the box was a weak point and because of the slight curve in the road surface, now there's a subtle bend in the 4mm thick screen at that point.

    They denied any responsibility even though they have insurance. I spoke to my insurance but was not covered because it was not damaged by me during transit. They said if I had been the one moving it, they would have covered.

    So check your own insurance policy and move it yourself.

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