Your Definition of a Bargain

As you are all "OzBargainers" what for you, in your own opinion, defines said Bargain?

For me anything equal and lower than 20% I snob at. So 30% onwards I find tempts my inner Bargainer..

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    Depends what the item is… and where it sits on the need/want scale.

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      True - although I think as a general rule, what percentage tickles your inner bargainer…

      • +10

        99% obviously. Pointless question really.

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          99.99% for me

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    half price always sounds good to me

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    If it's cheap relative to the normal day to day price (not the RRP) then I'd call it a bargain. Whether I buy it or not depends on the price and whether I'm likely to use whatever it is.

    If there was something I didn't need where the day to day price was $10 and it was now on sale for $2, I still wouldn't buy it just because it's cheaper;
    If there was something that I may need or want and the day to day price was $500 and now on sale for $100, then I'd buy it.
    At the higher end, if the day to day price was about $2000+ and it was now selling at $200 or so, I might buy it straightaway and then decide what to do with it later (and this is how I end up spending a lot of money!).

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    Most items - half price, like groceries.
    Items you want - e.g., phones/headsets - 10-30%
    Shit you don't want but gets posted OZB? - 50-80%

    • Even groceries is debatable, it's always junk that is half price.

      • What, not true at all.

        A lot of food from colesworth goes through 50% off cycles.

        Chocolate, tinned fish, muesli come to mind. And a lot of other ones are "2 for $6" which is pretty much 30-40% off.

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    If somebody else lost money so that you can have that item then that is a bargain.

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    My definition of a bargain is 'a lower than expected price of something I purchase or want to purchase'.

    Depends on the original price how much of a bargain I think it is.

    Need a poll option for none of the above.

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    First rule is to always question the RRP.

    80% off a highly inflated RRP may not be as much value as 20% off a more accurate RRP.

    • Yep, I've always thought Kathmandu for example is about reasonable price when paying 50% off, so 60% off RRP is a good price.

  • +3

    50+ updoots = bargain

    • I would of thought you counted in dumplings..

      • +4

        No it’s on an abacus like a normal person

        • Trade you 7 Garlics for a Goat.

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    30% is a discount. Anything above 50% starts to tempt me. But I answered 80%

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    My favourite deal is the 10% off Mastercards, so i voted for 10. RRP is useless in most cases except for Apple. As a true ozbargainer, i calculate the average, median, mode and standard deviation of the price.

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    Where is the 0% poll option for all the "BuT bEiNg iN sToCk MaKeZ iT a BaRgAiN" RRP buyers?

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      Need an option for -20% off (or +20% over) RRP is a bargain for GPUs nowadays

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    percentage is irrelevant, its the $ value that matters

    if i got $1 million dollars transferred into my bank account for 1% off id rather that than 99% off a dollar cheeseburger.

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      true a 1 percent discount on syndey housing i a lot better than any freebies listed on this website!

    • I’m not sure.. I really enjoyed the free Big Mac deal.

      • +1

        yeh don't get me wrong, i'd walk bare foot through bindies for 6 km to get a free big mac

        • Lol same.

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    Depends a lot on the item, and particularly how often it's discounted and by how much.

    e.g. mattresses are almost always on sale at "40% off!" - so I wouldn't consider anything less than 50% off a discount, let alone a bargain.

    But if you could get me 40% off a slab of Kilkenny - bargain!

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    needs more poll options, i'm in if its over 51.2335435343242343534534234234%

    • But then I'd be scrolling forever to find this comment.

  • depends on the item..
    depends how much you need it or want it.
    depends how high of a priority it is on the need and want list
    depends how readily available the item is
    depends if it is a need or want.

  • Depends on the item and my own willingness to pay first and foremost, then the discount off RRP and how often the product goes on discount.

    If a product hardly ever goes on discount, any discount of at least 20% is decent, although I wouldn’t consider it that much of a “bargain”.

    As mentioned by others if the RRP is silly for what I think it should be, a large discount might not constitute as being a “bargain” but a good deal instead.

    And finally if I have in my head a price I would pay for something and the discount brings it below that price I’ll probably consider it a bargain. E.g. one of the best bargains I ever grabbed was a $40 down jacket from Anaconda during the summer of… 2016 I think.

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    You can't apply a blanket percent off for something to be considered a bargain.
    A great value item at 10% off might be considered a bargain, especially if the item rarely goes on special
    Meanwhile an overly inflated RRP product at 90% off might still be a rip off.
    Sometimes even at 100% off, it's not even be worth it. For example, this asset flip of a game

    • +1

      Goes to show even upvotes aren’t always accurate.

  • -1

    Who cares what the BS RRP is? If it's good value compared to the competition it's a deal.

  • Depends how often it goes on sale (or never), how expensive it is to begin with and if I'm going to buy it at some point irrespective of the discount. but yep about 20% off is really where I'd start considering it as a 'bargain' however if it's a $1000 item that rarely goes on sale, getting $100 off is still pretty good.

  • the more effort i put into looking into a bargain the more i want discounted,

    but for the time i put into it, its def not worth it,

    for example i bought a xiaomi a2 lite for $188 (grey import)

    could of got it at around $250 if i didn't wait, so 62 dollars,

    but that involved looking at ozbagrain for at least a week plus, for best mobile offers,

    understanding what i could get for the price range, spec etc.

  • I've been flamed before for this opinion, but if you say I've got a deal during March, April and May - it's not a deal unless it's more or less available every day of that. If you can't specify your blocked dates - it's not a deal. For example:

    10 seats at $59 each day on flights from MEL to Cairns available March, April and May ✅ is a deal (even if those 10 seats go rapidly - so most of the promotion the price isn't available most days)
    Three nights for the price of two any night during March, April and May excluding Saturday night ✅ is a deal
    20% off any weeknight stay in March, April and May ✅ is a deal
    20% off any weeknight stay excluding public holidays in March, April and May ✅ is a deal

    $1280 MEL to BCN across 2022 every day we kind of feel like it and have heaps of capacity ❌ is not a deal
    $200 a night stays at our top tier hotel during Summer 2021-22; waste your time trying to guess which nights are applicable on our horrible online website ❌ is not a deal
    50% off when I feel like it ❌ is not a deal

  • imo this site has two kinds of posts.
    Bargains - Significant discount of 50%+ off regular price NOT whatever BS crossed out RRP the site puts up.
    Deals - Good deals 5-49% off the known regular price, Something that's on sale every other week i'd argue the "sale" price is the regular price vs the original full price.

    It does vary though depending on the brand and item.

  • a deal that is good

  • Something doesn't have to be discounted to be a bargain for me.

    An example - purchased a painting today for few hundred dollars. Worth more.

    Bargain? Well, I suppose if I sell it in 5-10 years time and make money, then yes.

    You know what they say about bargains and not needing them :D

    • Does that mean Sydney properties are currently bargains (assuming they will be worth more in 5-10 years)?

      • +1

        Well I suppose if you look back in 20 years time, you'd think they were!

  • +1

    IMO it's a bargain if you can turn around and sell it for more than you paid for it, or something I had to pay for anyway. 20% off a commonly used giftcard (apple, supermarket, etc)? Absolute bargain. Amazon selling XM3s for $199? Bargain, because it'd be easy to put up on gumtree as BNIB. Paying below market on rent? Big bargain, I'd do anything to know I'm perpetually 5% under market rate (sadly I can't pole dance, my moobs get in the way). Percentage doesn't mean much, it's all about paying less than a good price for an item I need.

  • where some poor bastard has lost money

  • If it's not on sale, they're ripping you off.
    If it's not on sale for 50% or more, they're still ripping you off.

  • The opportunity to spend 80$ extra than I would have originally spent to save 8$ on shipping

  • +1

    Your forgot the option for "something you buy because it was a great price, that then sits in the cupboard unused (usually until after you see it at an even better price)

  • I waited till Shaver Shop reduced the price on shaver I had my eye on. Got it for $550.00

    As I went to register the item upon the Philips web site, I noticed they were offering a $100 cash back promotion… on the exact model of shaver I just bought!

    So I got another $100 dollars off the already extremely discounted shaver! Now that is a bargain!

  • Something that you need if it's discounted. Otherwise it's not a bargain.

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