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$15 Cashback with $20 Spend on Subway via Menulog @ Commbank Rewards (Activation in App Required)


Maybe you could combine this with the 12 day Subway deals for extra savings. Though I'm unsure if there's a source for these upcoming deals.

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    It's targeted. I don't have this deal in my 'for you '.

    • Yeah thought as much, not sure how to change it to targeted though :(

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        Just edit the ad and write in the title [Targeted] in the beginning :)

      • Only mods can enable targeted flag. Let us know by clicking the "Report" button on the deal, and we'll enable the flag.

  • Targeted

  • Seems to be targetted….not in my CommBank Rewards

  • I always get youfooz, - wish it had something ozbargain special

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    Always targeted, don't bother checking anymore

  • How do they know you got subway via Menu log. Would it work on other places.

  • Do you actually have to buy Subway? I did the Oporto deal last time but the money goes directly to Menulog anyway so how would they know?

  • How do you opt in for such deals, I have my home loans and a (middle man) everyday account with them but don't get anything. Do I have to click something, order a card for the everyday account?

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      I have a card with them and all I did was the following:

      1. Open the CommBank app
      2. Click on 'Accounts'
      3. Scroll down to where it says 'For you' and then click 'products and offers'
      4. It will take you to a new page called 'Discover products & more' and there should be an option on the page saying 'CommBank Rewards'
      5. It will now take you to a unique page of your targeted rewards. You can activate any of them and check your progress in the activity tab

      Hope this helps.

      • Thanks

        Ahh I see now, but it comes to a page saying I need to order a card.

        Can someone confirm if a card connected to Smart Access account is enough? Otherwise it isn't really worth my time being on hold for 2 hours (Bankwest on the other hand 30 secs even late night when I had to call)

        Looks like Bankwest has a placeholder in their app now (upgraded to look like Commonwealth)

      • Got my card finally and the offer shows :)

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    I got $25 minimum spend not $20, but still a good deal nonetheless.

    • Yes, my offer was also $15 cashback when you spend $25 or more at Subway at Menulog. So 60% cashback instead of 75% cashback (if spending is the minimum amount).

  • That's a nop for me..

  • Probably 1/30 is something that i use. Never sent something for stores that I actually make purchases.

  • Dine at Subway with caution… I once had 3 days of food poisoning (vomit and err, non vomit) after a Turkey/Ham 6-inch. Needless to say I haven't been back in 6 years.

  • Bah I've only got youfoodz in my commbank rewards

  • this is the first time using commbank rewards. How long does it usually take? Do you know the transaction name for rewards?

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    Can anyone confirm that it can be used at any restaurant.

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      • Can confirm it worked for me at a different restaurant to the one offered on the app.

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