No Need for All The "Deals"

Why is it always when there is a code for a % off or free shipping a lot of people start spamming individual deals for it. I find it stupid.


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    Thanks for the update.

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    I'd say part of it is so that they can soak in those sweet sweet upvotes, but there is also the large benefit in that it allows people without the time to search through and look for every single item they might be interested in to be able to find deals?

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      For other sales they have dedicated pages so it doesn't spam the main pages. Maybe we need to do something similar for these deals also

      • Huh? Black Friday/Cyber Monday had their own pages yes, but the most upvoted deals were still “spamming” the front page…

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      Upvotes aren't tallied like reddit. Hopefully everyone knows that?

      • Considering I've been on Ozbargain for years and only recently realised that you can actually upvote posts (thought it was just comments), I have no idea why people crave them, but they seem to.

        • Dunno how you missed that one…

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            @kizzy: Just hadn't noticed it. My father has been a regular ozbargainer for years two and comments most days but only noticed the upvote function when I happened to mention it a month or two ago

  • Thanks, that makes sense.

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    Yeah, have to agree with you on that
    NGL the Kgoan/Matt Blatt/Dick Smith deals should all be grouped into one as they're the same entity.

    AKA they all belong in the trash.

    Although in the case of the ebay codes/deals i find them useful.

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    And “point whoring” and so they can say “I’ve posted x deals since becoming a member, you have only posted y…”

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    I think it's useful. I bought my Windows phone from an individual deal during an eBay promo. When you're searching through 20,000 items it's time consuming and not immediately obvious which ones are deals.

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      I bought my Windows phone

      Recently or many years ago?

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        Many years ago lol. I only stopped using it this year. It was annoying not being able to check into QR codes.

  • Feels easier/cleaner to search for a particular item and only have to skim read the titles sometimes..

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    • Because people set alerts for individual items.
    • Because a shop having a sale doesn't mean there are any deals.
    • Because you aren't buying a shop. You're buying a product.

    The point of this website it to share good deals, not advertise individual shops.

  • If we should get rid of anything it should be the spamazon posts (crappy low quality direct Chinese drop ship crap)

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    That $20 off with Afterpay at JB deal brought PS+ down to $33.30 from $80, that seemed worth pointing out.

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