PCR Tests for Domestic Travel

We are traveling from Victoria to Brisbane for Christmas.

Today it was announced that we will require a PCR test 72 hours before departure and on day 5.

Does anyone have any recommendations for the cheapest places to get PCR tests in Victoria and Brisbane?

The cheapest I have found in Victoria is 4Cyte at $120. I haven't had a proper look for Brisbane yet.

I appreciate the assistance!


  • Airport is $80
    Qantas Terminal
    Near the Medical Centre
    Results in 90 Mins


  • Wait!! What? For domestic travel?

    Can't find any news on it yet.

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    Paid PCR test is not required - was clarified a couple of weeks ago that SMS confirming negative result is all that is required.


    No doubt more documentation will be added to the site before the border actually opens.


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      No doubt <expectation of some action reflective of good government, namely more documentation>

      Are you new here? 🤔

      (a dig at Australian governments generally not the Queensland government specifically who are opening up in time for Christmas - thanks guys!)

    • Thanks, I'll keep my eye out for more information!

  • “Queensland made it plain weeks ago that the text message most people receive after a test is acceptable.”

    The Premier said the confusion over the PCR requirement and its cost did not originate from her government.


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    I was looking this up this afternoon and it is totally unclear. The Victorian state government-run testing clinics still seem to have a requirement that you're symptomatic to get tested, and there is the expectation that you quarantine until you receive a negative result (who knows if you'd be checked, even if you were to lie about your symptoms). It is covered under medicare though, so I believe you can get it done at some GPs and have it bulk billed (e.g., here https://www.4cyte.com.au/Covid19_Location_Melbourne.php)

    • Thanks for this info! I didn't know that it was covered by Medicare. I just need to find a place in Brisbane that does bulk billing too!

  • I don't like the idea of the second test on day 5 rule… Is there the expectation for you to isolate until you receive a negative result? What if you're only going for 5 days, or less?

    • Yeah today was meant to be a good news day about the border reopening, shocked that they slipped in this new requirement. Too bad if you're camped out in Tin Can Bay or anywhere at all remote and on day 5 you've got to go get yourself tested. Another blow to the QLD tourist industry.

      • Indeed. I will be reconsidering my plans now.

    • You don’t have to isolate

      • Excellent news if true, but do you have a source for this information?

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          Do I have to isolate until I receive my day five test result?

          When asked this question yesterday, Dr Aitken said: "No, as long as you've had that test."

          But if the test returns a positive result, you will have to isolate and follow the public health directions.


          • @modsec802: Thanks for following up with the confirmation! That is a relief.

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    For anyone interested visit: https://www.4cyte.com.au/Covid_International.php for the list of places where they do bulk billing for COVID tests.

    Thanks to @ldawg for the hot tip!

    • Good info. Just to clarify - they won’t bulk bill for international travel purposes:

      Covid-19 testing is bulk billed / free of charge (excluding for international travel purposes).

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    Someone still pays in the end

  • Do kids also need to get a Pcr test to get into qld? I have a 1yo and 4yo.

    • Yes, they do

  • Hello Legends, we are travelling to qld from Adelaide next week. Found info about test bit confusing. Is an SMS accepted for travelling to qld as that's what we get after free covid test?

    • SMS is fine

      • @ponka thanks

  • We are planning to travel to QLD from Sydney (driving) within 2 days, I did a PCR test yesterday and got my Queensland entry pass, but I'm waiting on the negative results and it needs to be within 72 hours, problem is the results don't come that early so what should I do? I can't get a hold of rapid antigen kits, do emergency officers check while driving interstate? Also people that did self test only need to verbally tell officer that they were negative. Such a loophole.

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