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I'm just wondering, I bought some items which were apparently final sale.(no returns)

Iconic Outlet isn't even that cheap, no cashback + you pay shipping…but I liked some of the stuff.

I bought some clothes for my niece, but the sizing was so confusing and way off.
I also bought shorts, size L and I can't even get them on! They're like a size S!
It makes me wonder if that's why they got then under "no returns"

I'm wondering if the No Return policy will stick? I know people on here rant about TV warranty.

Do I have a chance?

Just seeing if someone knows something.

Thank you

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    AFAIK it's illegal under ACL to state no refunds/exchange even for sale items.

    • Op has only mentioned half of the no returns policy. Its actually "Item(s) were not marked “Final Sale” or “Non-Returnable” at the time of purchase, unless faulty", which is legal.

      • That doesn't preclude exchanges IMO.

        • What if no other sizes tho?

          • @Adelv: Then you're probably out of luck.

            • @apsilon: Ohwell

              They must really dislike returns, last time I returned a new pair of shoes they actually offered me a huge discount to keep them.

              • @Adelv:

                They must really dislike returns

                No business likes returns. It's not a business if they have to refund every transaction aka not making money.

                Do too many returns and you may find yourself no longer wanted as a customer (Dunno about Iconic, but some others do this).

      • I don't know the policy, the customer service rep just mentioned no returns as part of final sale.

        But it seems it changes as they constantly adjust pricing.

        Faulty? What is a faulty item of clothing? 👀

        • What is a faulty item of clothing?

          Faulty zipper, missing button or button hole, incorrectly stitched, flaw in the fabric and IMO incorrectly tagged sizing.

          • @apsilon: If the sizing is off from the noted measurements?

            They always have a standard, but some brands are way off on sizing.

            • @Adelv: IMO yes, but that is just my opinion. If something is sized 36" waist but when measured is 28" that's a fault but if it were 35" or 37" then that's acceptable as you expect some margin of error (could even be in your measuring).

    • +2

      It’s only illegal if they don’t offer returns/refunds/exchanges for faulty products. Stores are not required to provide refunds for change of minds or incorrect sizes. The latter should be provided in good faith, but it is still not mandatory.

      • Yeah
        It's annoying, because the discounts are good but equal to when you get CB plus I paid shipping.

        It's frustrating when stuff doesn't fit because the sizing is off for the brand.

        I paid $35 for an $80 item, through normal Iconic I've bought brand new items with 30% off and 30% CB and no postage so I don't understand their policy.

        • With clothes I just can’t shop online anymore. I need to see things in person and if that means I miss out on a bunch of things or pay a little more then so be it.

  • If you purchased under "no return unless faulty" then you have zero chance…you could argue that the sizing is faulty if the large is much smaller than normal.

    • Yeah, I'll take measurements of the shorts.

      I'll have to go through the kids charts.

  • If you're confident that it's "not as described" eg. You ordered size L but got size Small instead, or item measures 40cm width but website says its 30cm, you could return, but make sure you don't return as "change of mind".

    • Yup,
      I did this with a jumper from ASOS years ago and it was XL American size. It was way larger than the measurements and they refunded me.

      I'll measure everything.

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