Hyundai 75" 4k UHD TV (H75WK31) from TGG, or EKO, or...

The Good Guys have this for $899 which seems like a good deal to me.

I haven't posted as a deal as it's not advertised as a sale.

One of my concerns is the only reference I can find is TGG website. No manufacture website.

Any advice on it's performance or experiences?

Or should I look at an EKO 70" from Big W for $779.

I don't really want to buy into the bracket creap of prices, but don't want a lemon that won't work for 4K video/tv or Xbox Series X

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys


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    I'd personally wait for the Toyota 75" 4K models to hit the shelves. OzB's favourite car will surely translate into OzB's favourite TV.

    • Probably better than the Tesla model that will only run on batteries….

    • I prefer Great Wall just a shame the refresh rate is zero

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    I think in this case, bigger might not be better. For that price I would not be surprised if it was dull and laggy. I think 65" is the sweet spot for price and performance. If you can up your budget by another $200, you will have a lot more options for a higher quality panel.

    • It looked quite good in store but no idea on latency with games. Budget is already creeping. I was originally just going to get a 40" FHD for the bedroom. Now I'm considering a new larger TV for the loungeroom, then moving the 50" plasma to the bedroom.

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    Bought a $700 console but you're cheapening on the TV?

    At least put aside some more coin and buy a ~$1200 name brand during the boxing day sales

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      Console is on the phone plan but thanks for your input.

      The question is more to find out if the cheaper TV will do what is required. This is OzBargain after all.

  • I don't really want to buy into the bracket creep of prices, but don't want a lemon that won't work for 4K video/tv or Xbox Series X

    You want a 75 inch tv…

    At that size, you should be looking to spend at least $4k outside of sales periods (Black Friday, etc). You don't get much choice pricewise when you go past 60"

    For the record, I bought the Samsung 75" QN85A 4K UHD Neo QLED last week for about $2900 (inclusive of Black Friday discount + Amex credit offer). Still can't justify ever buying an 8K TV at this stage…

  • How many cylinders is that particular TV ?
    Also, I'm assuming it uses CVT instead of Manual.

  • Drop down the size to what you can afford to a known brand name that has HDMI 2.1 might only be a 55-60 buying big stuff just because it's cheap will have awful input lag motion processing and washed out colours. You have a decent next gen console and would be wasting it on both TVs you posted

  • I have an Eko 65inch TV and have just bought the Hyundai 75 inch TV from Goodguys in Melbourne. Wow what a bargain, 4K TV with LG operating system all for 900 bucks!!! Software is super fast and user friendly, picture quality is excellent, and it's 75inch. TV is also quite light in weight. Best TV buy for me ever!! Eko software is slow compared to this beast. Highly recommend this TV.

  • anyone else have this one for feedback? Wondering bw this and the EKO 75..any advice or feedback welcome. Cheers

  • I bought the Hyundai 75" from Good Guys. Wow,..what a TV for $899. Visually it stacks up with the best of them. Sound-wise it's a bit average, but I matched it up with a Soundbar with Sub and it's turned it into an awesome package.

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