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[Steam] Free to Play - Hanako: Honor & Blade @ Steam


Enjoy :)

Hanako: Honor & Blade is a multiplayer melee experience set in Feudal Japan, with up to 24 players. Become one of four distinct warrior classes. Dominate the battlefield through multiple game modes and maps. ——— Full Release September 15th, 2021… 14 years in the making!


Dev Notes

Hanako: Honor & Blade to go Free-to-Play
F2P Patch Releasing December 10th

We are going Free-to-Play
We have decided as a dev team that is in our best interest, as a small independent game, to go Free-to-play as soon as possible to give our multiplayer title the best chance at reaching more players.

What if I bought the game already?

We will be offering in-game items in our Discord by showing us proof-of-purchase (steam key or receipt email/screenshot showing your Steam ID) via a DLC key or some other means. We're still working out the specifics on this and are happy to offer something like that, especially as a thank you for supporting us and continuing to want to play and have access to the game.

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