Quoted Repair $2300 for Pink Slip

Long story short, car is a 2001 Camry V6. Needed to get a pink slip, went to a tyre/mechanics place to do a quick pink slip and got quoted back $2300 for the car to be road worthy. Among the items listed in quote was engine leak/seal replacement, rubber bushings and mounts along with a driver side cv boot/axel. Is this normal price for the repairs and do they the pink slip?



  • $42 for a pink slip https://www.nsw.gov.au/topics/vehicle-registration/fees-conc...

    The rest is the quoted cost of “fixing” the said problems.

    • He couldn't pass me for pink slip because of said issue

      • What did they charge you last year?

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          42 from a different mechanic

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        Sounds like an honest mechanic, vs the previous one

        This is not to say that the cost of repairs is competitive, however there is nothing to stop you taking the car else ware to correct the issues and then getting it reinspected.

        Honestly the sheer number of problems indicates a lack of maintenance, you would not get that many things sneak up on you at once.

        • Sorry, should of mentioned it was sitting around for a couple of years, its got 250km on the original bushings and mounting systems

  • ask for a second opinion

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    Go to a different mechanic

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    bought a 98 camry with some of those issues after it was supposed to be roadworthy. those charges are close to double normal, lol. wouldn't go back if it was me. sway bar bushings are $30~ a pair and really easy to fit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_EXcYB7Hcs the cv driveshafts are $200 a pair and should take two hours max to fit. engine mount maybe $60 and also slots in after car is lifted correctly.

  • do they the pink slip?


  • Will definitely need to replace the torn drive shaft boot. It may be the cause of all the mess rather than an engine oil leak. The control arm bushes are often torn on these cars and will need to be replaced.

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    Get the pink slip done somewhere else then sell the car asap

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    Lol @ people just saying regarding the failed roadworthy; "JuSt TaKe iT tO aNoThEr mEcHaNiC" or "gEt A sEcOnD oPiNiOn".

    Or, here's an idea, how about getting the shitbox fixed so it's not a rolling deathtrap.

    InB4: "iTz nOt eCoNoMiCaLLy ViAbLe tO FiX iT."

    Then sell it for parts or as a project for someone else and buy one that isn't a deathtrap.

    Note for OP: Take that list to your local mechanic and get them to give you an idea of repair costs. Some of those items are a bit expensive and no doubt the inspection station was just hoping you would say "yeah, I need the car back, so do it". But don't kid yourself, it's a shitbox and needs work done.

    Also, some of those items you can do yourself, like washing the engine or replacing some of the rubber bushes.

    • 100%, just thought it was really expensive for the amount of work needed to be done

    • it has a split cv and a few of the bushings are worn. Now it becomes a "rolling deathtrap" lol.

      • It was enought to fail my pink slip, so yeah, going to a different mechanic for a quote

        • Does look like you have some caked on oil, so would degrease that with soapy water and/or $2 degreaser (avoiding getting water in the boot) + check your oil levels. If your getting a check, it helps if you can get the engine as clean as possible.

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    Old V6 Camry. Oil leak will be rocket cover gaskets. This runs down, as in your picture, and ruins the suspension bushes. Rear Sway Bar d rubbers is also very common.

    This sort of thing - https://www.sterlingparts.com.au/products/front-lower-contro... will be a cheaper and better option than paying someone to replace the bushes in your arms.

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      rocket cover gaskets

      What is this unicorn Camry you speak of with built in rocket?

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        Foiled by autocorrect yet again!

    • Awesome, thanks for the advice, but if i do change the control arm, do I need to get a reallingment?

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        Yes sure do.

        • Cheers, final question, where should I get all my parts from? Is there a better brand or retailer to go through?

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            @Bargain4Days: For that sort of car, anywhere you can get a good price. The one I linked is a company I've used, the stuff is ok, prices are good. You may be able to find cheaper. The highest labour cost will be replacing the rocker cover gaskets.

  • I didn't think you could take it to another mechanic anymore, I thought it was all linked back via computer systems and once you fail its reported on the system

    maybe i dreamt it.

    • You're right. The mechanic would have sent an e-safety fail notice to NSW services and OP will have 14 days to fix it. Otherwise it expires and they'll need to get another pink slip somewhere else.

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        It was off record, they told me they couldn't approve the pink slip and just told me drive home and try somewhere else

    • yeah you've gotta wait 14 days for it to expire and then get it reinspected by another mechanic, could get it inspected and worked on by another mechanic in the meantime without mentioning pink slip. they're clearly hoping OP will go "ok, just do the work" and ripping him off.

  • $904 for a CV shaft replacement? For a Camry? He's having a laugh there. Get another quote for that.
    All the other costs appear reasonable and they are all required for a compliant car to be on the roads.
    Also ask if they are genuine parts from Toyota, and if he could find cheaper aftermarket parts (supercheap, auto one, etc)

    • If the CV is genuine toyota thats probably right but its more likely they are just buying a generic china one for $50 and charging oem prices

      • Genuine shaft has a list price of $635, Trade $540. so $360+ labour for a 1hr job, not bad (for the mechanic).

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      OP is getting shafted with those prices.

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