Best 60-65 Inch TV - Budget $1100- $1400

Friends our TV just died and I've been tasked to get the best value 60-65 inch TV in the $1100-$1400 range from TGG, JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman etc.

A bit of context, our TV room is quite dark with no direct sunlight, and the room is quite wide with side couches so we prefer a TV with wide viewing angle ideally (but not a priority as the main couch is directly in front of the TV mount). Most to watch movies and Netflix, no console gaming.

Is it worth waiting for Boxing Day sales as a TGG salesperson told me there is a TV chip shortage so there wouldn't be much discount then anyway?

All suggestions welcome, cheers!


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    Hisense p-series, o-series if you can get it for your budget. Great bang for the bucks.

    • Anything on promotion now? Thanks

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    Lg nanocell

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    you have the same budget and size requirements that I had! I've been looking for a while and decided to wait till black friday and whilst i did end up getting the TV during black friday, the price I got for my sony x90j wasn't really a 'black friday' special. They had similar deals to what I paid before black Friday.

    I was going to stick to my initial budget and get either a NANO75 or UP800 or Samsung AU8000 or Samsung q60a. They all looked great. This you-tuber has a lot of videos with the tvs side by side I personally liked the X80J as well but it wasn't as cheap as the others I mentioned.

    This other youtuber has a lot of recommendations on Hisense and TCL but keep in mind the models in the US and AUS are different.

    • Thanks, but I see that the sony x90j is currently $2400? Thats a cool thousand bucks above my budget though.

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        Hey it was around the 1.9k mark and you will see similar deals around that price.

        The other models i mentioned NANO75 or UP800 or Samsung AU8000 or Samsung q60a should all be within your budget. They were between 1.2k - 1.4k last week.

  • I'm a TV noob and really wary of the different US vs AU versions of the same models, hence why I'm asking on Ozbargain. Are there any links to deals at the moment? Cheers.

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    Following this thread as I am pretty much in the same boat except that my TV has not died yet, but looking like it'd be… So just wanting to get started with learning options before Boxing Days.

    Will keep checking this thread for more updates. Thanks in advance OzB!

  • Just trying to understand the Bravias X80J vs X90J series. Comparing these two models on a 55', there is ~$600 differences.

    What is the significance on the color technology? and the processor (X90J being a XR Cognitive Processor), including the XR 4K upscaling & XR Motion Clarity?

    Is the $600 upgrade a noticable difference to the untrained eyes? Would the difference only be more obvious on 4K videos and won't make much difference in the lower grade resos (2K?)


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