LG to End Its Bootloader Unlocking Service on December 31

Consider this your last chance to officially unlock the bootloader for a LG device.

Dear developers,
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all developers who visit the LG Mobile Developer website.
LG made the difficult decision to close its mobile phone business to focus on other businesses that will provide new experiences and value for consumers. Hereby, we inform you that the service of LG Mobile Developer is scheduled to terminate on December 31st, 2021.
• Service being terminated: LG Mobile Developer website services
• Termination date: December 31, 2021 24:00 (KST, GMT + 9)
After the service is terminated, all information provided on the website and issuing the bootloader unlock key will not be available. Personal information collected to provide services will be destroyed. However, we store personal information for a fixed period of time if required by relevant laws and regulations.
We sincerely appreciate your loyalty and support of LG Mobile Developer during this time and ask for your understanding.
Thank you.

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    Wow… LG are still making mobile phones. Thought they announced they were getting out of the mobile phone market a few years ago?

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      You are wrong. The announcement was only 8 months ago.

  • How do i know if i have a bootloader?

    How do i know if its unloaded?

    What does a unlocked bootloader do?

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      Every android phone has a bootloader.

      It is locked by default, you have to unlock it.

      Unlocked bootloader lets you mess around and do more with your phone by giving you further permission levels.

    • If you don't know it's not something you need to worry about. Probably 99.9% of people don't need it.

    • Take your right boot off and look inside.

    • Unlocking the boot loader lets you install third party versions of Android OS onto your phone, when official support ends for the phone then members of the community will release updates to bring later versions of Android to the device. The most popular third party Android build is called LineageOS and is close to stock Android with some minor tweaks.

  • @op website link?

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    Basically if you dont unlock it, your lg phone will become useless in about 12 months or s, as there will be no updates.

    Unlocking it allows you to install a different android OS.

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    Yikes, this ain't good news :( was expected to happened eventually… Was thinking of purchasing a LG V50 (LM-V500N model) as an upgrade to the LG V30. Now i don't know anymore, whether this is still a good idea to buy a V50 in 2021/2022. I was never a fan of going the rooting route for phones.

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      Even if you flash a custom rom onto it you don't have to enable root on it.

      • 2 separate things

  • oh no, doesn't work 😞

    Unfortunately, your device( Australia, (AUSTRALIA), LMV405EBW.AUS )does not support unlocking the bootloader. Your account will be locked if you enter the wrong information more than 9 times.

  • as long jailbreaking LG TV is unaffected….

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