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Free 6 Months Amazon Prime, 3 Months Calm App, Ongoing Optus Sport + More, for Existing Optus Postpaid Customers @ Optus Subhub


Some changes to the previously posted Optus SubHub deal, which allows you to combine multiple subscription services in one simple bill - and with discounts depending on how many services you combine.

SubHub has launched with the following offers, for those without current subscriptions:

  • Optus Sport: ongoing free
  • Amazon Prime: 6 months free
  • Kindle Unlimited: 3 months free
  • Calm App: 3 months free
  • inkl news: 1 month free
  • Sweat: 3 months free

Available for Optus postpaid customers with a current Optus mobile or Optus home broadband plan. Prepaid users not eligible.

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    If I already have those, will I get extension?

    • Only one way to find out

    • +18

      can confirm the answer is no for amazon prime.

      • +4

        that sucks!

        What if you cancel Prime and rejoin will that work?

        If not, is it possible to get it and make a new account with a different email address?

        • +5

          Yes, you can cancel your current Prime subscription, wait for it to expire, then add it to SubHub. It worked fine for me (and I managed to get in on it when the offer was still 12 months free).

          • @rainynight65: thanks will give it a go

            so once it expires how do you do it in subhub? I heard you had to link it to your prime account somehow? Cheers

            • +1

              @icanfly: Yes, you add the subscription to your subhub, then it asks you to log in to your Amazon account.

          • +1

            @rainynight65: Cool thanks for sharing the 12 month deal just now

          • @rainynight65: If I cancel my existing Prime subscription then sign up again with this deal, will I lose my Prime Watchlist?

            Just wondering if I'd have to start from scratch, and lose my place in my partially-watched content. That might be a pain.

            • +1

              @greenie4242: No, you won't. I have cancelled my Prime a few times and resubscribed later, as long as you're not changing accounts you won't lose your watch lists and stats.

              • @rainynight65: @rainynight65: That's awesome, thanks so much for confirming! Takes a load off my mind.

        • Why, isnt Prime like $50 a year anyway?

      • +1

        Did you actually try, did it come with a code.
        I am a prime member that was valid till April 2022. Yesterday I opened an account with AGL and they send an email with a promo code for 12 month Prime membership. I applied the code and it extended my membership to Apr 2023.

      • Blugger.

        I’m out then

  • +3

    Waiting for Netflix, come on Optus!!

    • Probably cheaper to use a VPN. (Ongoing obviously… not if they do a freebie)

    • +1

      I think paramount plus is coming up soon and Britbox actually!

  • Is prime only for 6 months?

    • +2

      It used to be 12 months. I am lucky I got in on time 2 weeks ago.

      • Exact same. On the $7.50 5Gb data plan

  • +2

    Oh damn.. Was waiting till after boxing day to sign up to Amazon prime so it would be valid for after boxing day next year.. I lose!

  • +4

    The Amazon Prime 12 month offer changed to the 6 month offer yesterday (T&Cs).

    Unfortunately, you can't connect the deals to an existing subscription.

  • +1

    I've cancelled my prime subscription, bit will have to wait till Christmas Eve to link it

    • So you can cancel Prime and rejoin after the membership ends?

      Won't it know that you already had prime and wont let you rejoin with the same account on a trial?

      • +3

        It worked for me a couple of months ago.

        Just talk to a CS rep and they will do it for you trouble free.

  • D'oh, I forgot about this when I signed up for an Amazon Prime trial 2 months ago.

  • +2

    Is optus sport always free on-going?

    • +1


    • +1

      As long as you remain a post paid customer.

    • Thanks for confirming

  • 12 months of Amazon Prime Video but only 6 months of Prime? Lol.

    • If you follow the 'Explore SubHub' link, you'll see that it's 6 months.

      Prime = Prime Video

      • +1

        Yeah it's just convenient how they haven't updated yet

  • I added it before the change but just not setup. It is still 12 month Prime for me.

  • +2

    Spewing. Didn't realise you.could get a year of Amazon Prime for free with Optus. I'll have to settle for 6 months. Still not bad.

  • I'm pretty sure Choice Plus plans are excluded from this offer

  • What happens with the free Amazon subscription if you cancel the Optus service connected to it? Do the free months instantly stop as of that day, or until the 6 months are up?

    • Also would like to know this!

    • +1

      I suspect (but don't know for sure) that it will end on your monthly Amazon renewal date

      • +2

        I just cancelled Amazon prime, and clicked "End Now" to be refunded current month, then no longer a prime member. Then I logged in to Subhub and activated the six months free.

        Can't see any mention of free/promotion anymore, and in the my account section, under Price Breakdown it says this:

        Price breakdown
        Amazon Prime:

        Wondering if it's going to bill me 6.99 a month or if it will actually credit this as a promo credit or something. I am actually cancelling my optus account today for another reason so interesting to see what happens. Hope I don't have to ring Optus for fixing this billing later on.

    • +1

      I cancelled my Optus service on 1/12, received an email that my prime will be cancelled on 4/12 (my monthly renewal date), as MiCCAS suspected. Hope this helps.

      • I cancelled and now it says:

        You will still be able to access your Amazon Prime subscription until the date listed above. Once your subscription expires, you will no longer be able to access Amazon Prime.

        Basically, you will get the remainder of your current month free and that's it. I tried to login to Subhub and reactivate it but it says error, not eligible hehe.

  • +1

    BritBox is now available

      • +2

        Hey, nothing wrong with being a sub! No kinkshaming.

  • Bargain!

  • -1

    Added the 12 month Prime offer a few weeks ago. The app allowed me to add the new 6 month offer but it did not increase my subscription length. Such is life.

  • Now added 3 month subscription to Sweat for free: https://www.subhub.com.au/streaming-services/sweat

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