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Artiss Office Small Mobile Computer Desk $19.13 Delivered @ Artiss Furnishings via Amazon AU


Z-shaped mobile computer desk, metal frame, in black colour, for less than $20, free delivery.

This is not a fancy desk, but might come handy for work/study from home (or garage, bathroom, garden, park,…).

Desk area is 60cm wide and 48cm deep, has wheels, slide-out keyboard tray and bottom shelf.

Amazon shows that it's discounted from $39.96, while CamelCamelCamel shows the most recent price as $54.90 and previously lowest price on record as $34.90. Delivery is free even for those without Amazon Prime.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +2

    Wow, $20 for a delivered desk. Would be nice if the height can be adjustable as well ;)
    Thanks OP

    • +8

      Bricks :)

  • -3

    Could I fit an ATX phantex evolv X case there?

  • $48?

    • Initial batch sold out quickly, so it reverted to next cheapest seller for $49.

      It's now in stock again for bargain price of $19.13. :)

  • +1

    Hmm would this work as a bootleg driving sim stand?

    • +1

      I think you might need to stop the rollers at the bottom of the desk some how, else every time you turn the wheels the table moves alongside.

      • You could just take them off

        • +2

          Remember to put some rubber feet after, u don't want it scratching your carpet or floor.

    • I was thinking the same thing

  • +1

    Did i miss this? it's coming up as $49.00 for me.

    • oh em gee… a bunch of refreshes and finally got one. Good buy!

  • +1

    price went back.

  • +1

    Wow was there only one lol

  • Hmm missed it. Facebook marketplace next option ๐Ÿ˜Š

    • +19

      Meh you're not missing much. I found this exact one for free on the side of the road. I have a laptop stripped down on it atm being repaired. It's so light that when you try to move it on (decent/non-flattened) carpet it wants to tip over. It nearly flips 3 or 4 times out of 5 moving it, or just by pushing your chair out to stand up, or catching your foot by turning sideways without thinking, etc because it's so narrow. A chair wheel, your foot, your knee, etc catches on some part of it constantly and over it wants to go. It's probably ok for soy latte imbibers, antifa members, and 9 year old girls though.

      You have to keep reminding yourself not to rest your feet on the lower "wood" too. I think the top is MDF but the other "wood" is is a really poor quality loosely-compressed chipboard. Oh and they provide the wrong type of screws to attach the keyboard slide. The scews are too short, with the wrong thread and taper. Because the chipboard is compressed so loosely those screws can strip just by turning a screwdriver with two fingers.

      I've seen lots of these discarded with stripped keyboard slides. Either because people realise its rubbish and buy something else, are scared of the screw section at Bunnings, or didn't think to flip the chipboard over the other way to make fresh holes.

      I wish chipboard, and MDF too for that matter, would get banned. Yesterday I bought a secondhand 4x4 cube storage shelf. The ones from Bunnings, Ikea, etc seem to use 15mm MDF which soon sags with any weight. But this thing looked at least 30mm. I got it halfway pulled apart to transport in a car and realised it only has an MDF frame with maybe 3mm MDF sheet over the top - it's hollow! You used to be able to stand or kneel on this stuff while assembling, but I had to keep reminding myself not to because I'd go right through it. All this "sustainable" "wood" "furniture" is supposedly "saving forests" by "using less wood". But there's so much of it they must be grinding real trees into splinters to produce crap that only pauses briefly in people's homes on its way to landfill.

      • +3

        Well said.

      • Well said mate, I just used my neg to save someone $19, just in case they decide to read your detailed review.

  • Haha we just sold an old dusty desk of similar style sitting in the garage for years. Gumtree $30!

  • Just came back, got one (estimated delivery 29/12 - 05/01)

  • +6

    great price… didnt buy it coz dont rly need it tho

    • +3

      Where is your OZB spirit ?

  • Does this goes with shopback $5 cashback? Thinking to get one may be for xmas prezzie.

  • Not sure if I am doing something wrong but itโ€™s coming up as 49$

  • Good for mobile tool holer for working on cars???

    • +1

      Read my long comment above. Maybe if you add a quad frame around the edge or toss an old towel on it first. There's not much surface area and when I was using it in the garage for a while tools would constantly slide or roll off.

  • +2

    Have used one of these before. Absolutely horrible for a computer. Keyboard and mouse doesn't fit next to each other properly.

    • Now I am not so disappointed at missing out!

      • +2

        It's back in stock again (at least at the moment), so no need to be disappointed, whether you buy it or not. :)

    • Lol, forgot about that one… so narrow that a keyboard (with number pad) takes all the space, and even when using a laptop a mouse doesn't have quite enough room on the top.

  • I'm thinking maybe good for 3d printer?

    • Why not 3D print a desk?

      • +3

        You wouldn't print a car

    • +2

      It will shake like crazy. Read my long comment above.

  • Maybe for a baby weber

  • Damn. OOS I think, cannot add it to the cart

  • it goes back to $49 ;( need time machine

  • Shows as 49 :(

  • back to $49?

  • Thought it was a zimmer frame for a sec…

  • +1

    Back in stock for same price

  • +1

    Yay, got one! This deal has been on and off like a strobe light! Thanks.

    • Missed it again:/

  • +1

    Back again

    • +1

      Gone again - lol!

  • cant see that price

  • Haha - back below $20 again, blink and you'll miss it!

  • back in stock

  • Cant add to cart.

  • You snooze you lose

  • Not sure if I need to buy more landfill

  • +5

    It's also available on Catch for $19.10 (also free shipping).


    • Thanks got one!

  • back in stock for 19.13. Just got 1.

    • Ditto.

  • Back in stock

  • They're just messing with us now!

  • 5 left :)

  • +2

    Oh wow I had this exact desk like 20 years ago. They must have found them in a warehouse somewhere.

    Btw they are utter garbage.

  • +1

    The build quality is horrible; would be ok as a laptop table but it's not great as a desktop desk.

  • Just checked Amazon, they're both listed as full price again. Unless there is a code for the discount + delivery then it is a no go. Based on other comments the build quality seems to not be the best, but for a mobile test bench platform it may be useful, otherwise it may be worth missing out on.

  • Haha "mobile computer desk". these are just cheap and flimsy crap. save $19 for a better desk if you really need one.

  • Mine got cancelled

  • +1

    I received my today. It is even horrible at the $19 price. One of the tyre's threads did not fit well, so I have to skip the tyres. Screws/nuts/bolts are so soft that one even broke. Already informed seller of poor quality and asked for a refund. If not, I lost $19, it will go into the tip.

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