Has Anyone Tried The Kogan SK-2200A Electronically-Controlled Magnetic Exercise Bike?

Seems like it ticks a lot of boxes on paper.


Has anyone used one, what do you think of it?

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  • We don't have this and would be suspect of anything from kogan these days. Wife has one with flywheel at the front, easyish to tilt and move around. I wonder how hard this kogan one will be to tilt forward on to the wheels and move around

    • suspect of anything from kogan - could you elaborate?

      flywheel at the front vs rear - pros and cons I guess. Rear flywheel less sweat damage and more like a real bike, is what I've read.

      In any case I'm not as fussed with moving the thing around, as much as I'm interested in how well it works as an exercise bike.

      It went on sale just a month or two ago and it's now out of stock, so I'm wondering if anyone has received theirs and tried already.

  • That's crazy cheap for the weight and size of the bike.
    I was about to crap all over it but for $200 you can't go wrong.
    Just be wary of the ~$150 freight/delivery fee.

    • Ah I'm talking about the $497 one with 22kg flywheel (gotta choose from the dropdown).

      That's the only one with electronic adjustment, which to me is essential. Manual resistance adjustments would be a big hindrance to usage satisfaction for me.

  • +1

    Stop buying from Kogan

    • +1

      without context, this comment is of no value.

      • +1

        Do a search. It's not exactly a secret.

        • meh, too much work to support your cause. lol

        • If i boycotted a retailer every time someone had a bad experience, I'd have no possessions.

          Clearly your personal experiences have been negative, but I haven't had an issue with kogan purchases, ever.

          • @andresampras: I don't purchase from Kogan, ever. If I want cheap Chinese crap, I'll buy it from AliExpress, with similar warranty expectations.

  • I got two of these at the beginning of last year and they're still doing fine: https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/fortis-magnetic-flywheel-recumb...

    For one of them, I had purchased the Kogan extended warranty thing. After a year, the LCD display stopped showing speed and they sent me a new one to swap it at no cost. After swapping to new display, it still didn't show speed so I think it was a sensor inside the unit. Raised it with them and they gave me a full discount (since I had the extended warranty).

    They're both mechanically running well with daily use so for the price I'm happy with them.

    It's all rebadged Chinese stuff so YMMV though. I was really happy with the level of support from Kogan (which no doubt was better due to purchasing the extended warranty).

    • Raised it with them and they gave me a full discount (since I had the extended warranty).

      Do you mean they gave you a full refund for one bike?

      It's all rebadged Chinese stuff so YMMV

      Yep that's why I'm ignoring the reviews for the other bikes, since they could well come from a different manufacturer.

      • Do you mean they gave you a full refund for one bike?

        Correct, I bought them at different times (got stuck in another city during lockdown). The one that I bought with the warranty, they gave full refund of cost of the bike (not including the cost of the warranty).

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